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Paktahn is designed to be a successor to the popular Yaourt
package manager.
It's a Pacman wrapper that also knows how to search and install
packages from AUR.
Current advantages over Yaourt:
* allows use of alternative Pacman binaries (e.g. Powerpill)
* caches local dbs for exceptional speed (soon for AUR too!)
* way better security and extensibility
Usage hints
== Shortcut: pak
Paktahn comes with a symlink called "pak".
Running pak without any arguments will list CLI options for paktahn.
== Interactive search/install mode
will search all dbs from pacman.conf (excluding local)
and AUR for SEARCH in the name and description of packages.
== Install and remove package or packages
pak -S PKG(s), pak -R PKG(s)
will find and install or remove PKG(s) from sync dbs or AUR.
== Upgrade AUR packages
pak -Su --aur
will upgrade all installed AUR packages.
== Retrieve a PKGBUILD for AUR or binary packages
pak -G emacs, pak -G emacs-clojure-mode-git, etc
will pull the PKGBUILD from SVN for binary packages and
retrieve it from AUR otherwise.
Common config file settings
== Use Powerpill/Clyde/etc instead of Pacman
In your ~/.paktahn/config.lisp:
(in-package :pak)
(setf *pacman-binary* "powerpill")
This assumes that powerpill is in your $PATH.
== Set a different color scheme
In your ~/.paktahn/config.lisp:
(in-package :pak)
(setf *color-scheme* *color-scheme-lightbg*)
Available color schemes are *color-scheme-darkbg* (the default)
and *color-scheme-lightbg*.
== Use unipkg instead of makepkg
(in-package :pak)
(setf *makepkg-binary* "unipkg")
== Storing built packages
(in-package :pak)
(setf *save-packages* "/tmp/mypackages/") ; mind the trailing slash
Just store packages, don't install them:
(in-package :pak)
(setf *save-packages* "/tmp/mypackages/") ; mind the trailing slash
(setf *save-packages-only* t)
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