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GoSnack is an android application that allows users (fans, concession owners and snack vendors) to buy and sell snacks more easily in a game in the stadium.

So there are 2 major features of this application.

  1. It allows the various concession stands owners to list down their menus and allow fans to view the food items. When the fans tap on a particular food item, it opens up, showing more details on where to get it and perhaps the discount he will get if he decides to tweet about this.

  2. The second function is to allow snack vendors (those who walks around carrying the snacks to the fans) to state what's in their inventories. Fans will be able to find the snack vendors' current position and tap on the vendors icon to see their inventories.

I've used the Facebook and Twitter APIs to develop this application.

Unfortunately as this was an android application, I couldn't deploy it in a cloud platform as at the moment the datum are mostly hardcoded. If it comes to a point that the datum can be generated by the vendors, then the backend can be moved to the cloud, hence using the cloud platform.


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