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import sublime, sublime_plugin,re
class GobbleCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def debug(self, msg):
def run(self, edit):
sel = self.view.sel()
passThrough = True
if(len(sel) == 1):
passThrough = not (sel[0].empty())
cursorPoint = sel[0].begin();
lineRegion = self.view.line(cursorPoint)
# In whitespace-indented languages, if someone presses backspace on an empty line,
# it probably means "go to the previous level of indentation"
# So in that case, just pass-through!
if(cursorPoint == lineRegion.end()):
passThrough = True
lineStartPoint = lineRegion.begin()
lineUptilPoint = self.view.substr(sublime.Region(lineStartPoint, cursorPoint))
if(not re.match('^\s+$', lineUptilPoint)):
# This is a regular delete, as there is
# Run the erase in two separate commands
# so this way, if the user hits "undo", it will undo one step instead of both
# Get the kill region (The region of code we're going to erase, and store the exact
# String later in case we're going to need to re-indent better
killRegion = sublime.Region(lineStartPoint, cursorPoint)
whiteSpaceString = self.view.substr(killRegion)
self.view.erase(edit, sublime.Region(lineStartPoint, cursorPoint))
# Get the current index of the cursor after delete
indexAfterDelete = self.view.sel()[0].a
# Get the new line region
newLineRegion = self.view.line(indexAfterDelete);
# If the index after delete is the same as the first part of the new line region,
# This probably means that the backspace lead to an indentation boo-boo
if(indexAfterDelete == newLineRegion.a):
# Now we just need to re-insert the old string from the original indent into here:
self.view.insert(edit, indexAfterDelete, unicode(whiteSpaceString))
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