Build a SPA with Laravel and Nuxt.
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Laravel Nuxt JS

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This package allows you to build a SPA with Laravel and Nuxt.


npm install laravel-nuxt

Attention! You must install the laravel-nuxt PHP package first.

Getting Started

Optionally, you will want to get rid of the default Laravel scaffolding.

Add a script to your package.json like this:

    "scripts": {
        "start": "laravel-nuxt"

Wrap you nuxt.config.js's export with laravelNuxt:

const laravelNuxt = require("laravel-nuxt");

module.exports = laravelNuxt({
    // Your Nuxt options here...
    modules: [],
    plugins: [],

    // Options such as mode, srcDir and generate.dir are already handled for you.

Populate resources/nuxt/pages/index.vue inside your project:

    <h1>Hello {{ name }}!</h1>

export default {
    data: () => {
        return { name: 'world' };

And then run:

npm start

Go to http://localhost:8000.



laravel-nuxt dev

Starts both Nuxt and Laravel artisan servers in development mode (hot-code reloading, error reporting, etc).


laravel-nuxt build

Compiles the application for production deployment.

This command will output the compiled assets in public/_nuxt.


laravel-nuxt build -a

Launch webpack-bundle-analyzer to optimize your bundles.


Getting rid of the default Laravel scaffolding

The default Laravel installation comes with some frontend files which are not needed anymore.

You can remove the following files and directories:

  • resources/assets/
  • package.json
  • package-lock.json
  • webpack.mix.js