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Backpack Design System
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.prettierrc [BPK-1152] Add prettier Dec 18, 2017
.spelling [BPK-3256] Add `renderCalendar` prop to datepicker (#1722) Nov 19, 2019
.stylelintrc.json [BPK-679] Implement CSS Modules (Part 4) Jun 20, 2017
.travis.yml Fix test/linter warnings (#1441) May 20, 2019 [ci skip] Update changelog Nov 19, 2019 [NO-JIRA] Add code of conduct (#1628) Sep 12, 2019 [NO-JIRA] Fix Danger UNRELEASED rule Jun 28, 2019
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package-lock.json [NO JIRA]: Updating to latest dep version (#1712) Oct 29, 2019
package.json [No Jira] Remove unused 'chalk' dependency (#1719) Nov 11, 2019

Backpack Design System

Backpack is a collection of design resources, reusable components and guidelines for creating Skyscanner's products.

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Installing packages

npm install [package-name] --save-dev


To contribute please see

List of packages

Component Version
bpk-component-accordion npm version
bpk-component-autosuggest npm version
bpk-component-badge npm version
bpk-component-banner-alert npm version
bpk-component-barchart npm version
bpk-component-blockquote npm version
bpk-component-breadcrumb npm version
bpk-component-breakpoint npm version
bpk-component-button npm version
bpk-component-calendar npm version
bpk-component-card npm version
bpk-component-checkbox npm version
bpk-component-chip npm version
bpk-component-close-button npm version
bpk-component-code npm version
bpk-component-content-container npm version
bpk-component-datatable npm version
bpk-component-datepicker npm version
bpk-component-description-list npm version
bpk-component-dialog npm version
bpk-component-drawer npm version
bpk-component-fieldset npm version
bpk-component-form-validation npm version
bpk-component-grid npm version
bpk-component-grid-toggle npm version
bpk-component-heading npm version
bpk-component-horizontal-nav npm version
bpk-component-icon npm version
bpk-component-image npm version
bpk-component-infinite-scroll npm version
bpk-component-input npm version
bpk-component-label npm version
bpk-component-link npm version
bpk-component-list npm version
bpk-component-loading-button npm version
bpk-component-mobile-scroll-container npm version
bpk-component-modal npm version
bpk-component-navigation-bar npm version
bpk-component-navigation-stack npm version
bpk-component-nudger npm version
bpk-component-pagination npm version
bpk-component-panel npm version
bpk-component-paragraph npm version
bpk-component-phone-input npm version
bpk-component-popover npm version
bpk-component-progress npm version
bpk-component-radio npm version
bpk-component-router-link npm version
bpk-component-rtl-toggle npm version
bpk-component-section-list npm version
bpk-component-select npm version
bpk-component-slider npm version
bpk-component-spinner npm version
bpk-component-star-rating npm version
bpk-component-table npm version
bpk-component-text npm version
bpk-component-textarea npm version
bpk-theming npm version
bpk-component-ticket npm version
bpk-component-tooltip npm version
bpk-mixins npm version
bpk-react-utils npm version
bpk-stylesheets npm version
bpk-svgs npm version
bpk-tokens npm version


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