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A JMS driver for Amazon SQS.
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Nevado JMS

A JMS driver for Amazon Web Services' queue and notification services (SQS/SNS).

Getting started is easy. Download the jar or add the following to your pom.xml:


Initializing Spring is a piece of cake.

<bean id="sqsConnectorFactory" class="org.skyscreamer.nevado.jms.connector.amazonaws.AmazonAwsSQSConnectorFactory" />

<!-- And this is an implementation of javax.jms.ConnectionFactory -->
<bean id="connectionFactory" class="org.skyscreamer.nevado.jms.NevadoConnectionFactory">
    <property name="sqsConnectorFactory" ref="sqsConnectorFactory" />
    <property name="awsAccessKey" value="${aws.accessKey}" /> <!-- Set this -->
    <property name="awsSecretKey" value="${aws.secretKey}" /> <!-- And this -->

And now you've got a working JMS client.

Most of the JMS 1.1 spec is covered. A complete coverage map with unit tests provides more details to satisfy geeky curiosity.

We welcome feedback at!

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