Rootstrap is a collection of utilities for managing WordPress Customizer controls, settings, responsive breakpoints and styles.
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Rootstrap: a WordPress Development Toolkit

Rootstrap is a collection of utilities for managing WordPress Customizer controls, settings, responsive breakpoints and styles.


  • WordPress 4.9.6+.
  • PHP 5.6+ (7.0+ recommended).
  • Composer for managing PHP dependencies.


Rootstrap is a collection of tools for use when implementing the WordPress Customize API in your theme or plugin. Certain project variables can be defined and then utilized when creating customizer sections and controls or rendering out the related styles.

  • Devices

    In the WordPress customizer, there are three device buttons for the Customize Preview, mobile, tablet and desktop. Rootstrap devices lets you easily register new devices to the Cusomtizer Control bar, and set the minimum and maximum screen widths for each device.

  • Screens

    Screens represent the responsive breakpoints that a website uses to determine when changes occur with layouts, components and other styles. Screens are generated from the registered devices into all possible combinations, but custom screens can also be defined. Screens can then have styles associated with them and output when needed.

  • Styles

    Styles for customizer settings can be created cleanly within PHP, organized by screen, and stored in a variable or echoed out when needed. Each style can be associated with a Screen, and all styles of each screen will be output together in a single media query. There is also a javascript api for controlling responsive styles in the customize preview.

  • Customizer defaults

    Define the default values for customizer controls in the Rootstrap config file. The initial values will be set in the customizer. Styles for these values can be output automatically so that the settings match the way the site displays. Use cases would be setting the default theme styles, or child theme styles.

  • Post Customizer

    The Post Customizer will check the post meta for matching Customizer setting ids. If found, the post values will supercede the customizer settings. This functionality can be enabled on any post types, but is set to posts only by default.

  • Customizer Section Tabs

    Allows you to create a tabbed interface within sections in the customizer control panel, with the ption to add a preview device trigger when opening a tab.

  • Customizer Section Sequences

    Allows you to add a navigation bar with arrow navigation to the top of customizer sections. Has options to show or hide the sections in the panel, reverse the order of the navigation, display prev/next labels, and add a preview device trigger.


Use the following command from your command line to install the package.

composer require skyshab/rootstrap


Read the project wiki:

Quick screencast of devices, tabs and section sequences:


Thanks to Justin Tadlock for the Collections class.

Copyright and License

This project is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.

2014-2018 © [Sky Shabatura]