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Simple-Ducky Payload Generator v1.1.1


The simple-ducky is designed to quickly create reliable payloads and launch listener's.The Simple-Ducky currently uses version 2.6 of the duck encoder. The lastest version of the Simple-Ducky supports all Debian Linux distro's (i.e. Kali-Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc). The smart installer will take care of all the work for you.

With the simple-ducky in a matter of seconds you can;

  • Create your evil executable (its automatically placed in your web directory)
  • Create your inject.bin
  • And launch a listener (meterpreter or netcat).

Note: The newest version supports all Debian distro's i.e. Kali, Backtrack, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Backbox, etc...


To install the Simple-Ducky on any Debian distro:

  • git clone --recursive git:// /usr/share/simple-ducky
  • bash /usr/share/simple-ducky/
  • Once installed run the simple-ducky by typing: simple-ducky

Note 1: Be sure to run option 9 "Dependency Checker" prior to running any other functions.

Note 2: If you have prior installs (v1.1.0 or prior) issue this command:

  • rm -rf /usr/share/ducky


To keep simple-ducky and all its modules updated:

  • On Debian-based distros: run simple-ducky-update from the command prompt
  • On Windows-based systems: run the included update.bat

Change Log

Here what has changed throughout the different version's of the simple-ducky.

v 1.1.1 Changes

  • Added tons of new features; Shells with dbd (incredibly powerful) and the Custom Payload Builder
  • Cleaned up the menu options
  • Made bug fixes to several payloads
  • Replaced Netcat with Ncat

v 1.1.0 Changes

  • Upgraded the encoder to version 2.6
  • Made changes to the main menu
  • Added a new paylod: LM/NTLM Hash Dump From Live System
  • Added an LM/NTLM Password Hasher
  • Added a new tool: Site2lst Custom Wordlist Builder
  • Upgraded the installer: Now there is just one version of the simple-ducky that supports all Debian distro's (Only tested on Linux Mint and Ubuntu)
  • Added a new directory titled "misc" this file will hold often used files during attacks

v 1.0.9 Changes

  • Added a new payload subset titled "Forced Phishing & Web Attacks"
  • Intergrated: SE-Toolkikt, Browser_Autopwn, and BurpSuite.
  • Added Payload: Local DNS Poisoning | SE-Toolkit's Java Applet Attack
  • Added Payload: Local DNS Poisoning | Metasploit's Browser_Autopwn
  • Added Payload: Proxy in the Middle (PiTM) | No Admin Access Needed | Burpsuite

v 1.0.8 Changes

  • Added OSX Single User Mode Reverse Shell Payload
  • Made minor scripting changes
  • Changed Encoder to version 2.5
  • Fixed bugs in the FTP Server Setup option
  • Created a User add function for the FTP Server Setup

v 1.0.7 Changes

  • Fixed command line entrance method on all Windows no UAC Vista/7 Payloads (Props to arzen)

v 1.0.6 Changes

  • Created two separate versions of the simple-ducky (1 for Kali-Linux and the other for Other Linux Distros)
  • Removed the install dependencies option on the Kali-Linux version (Kali will keep these up to date)(Other-Linux version still has it)
  • Updated the Powershell Download & Payloads to provide better obfuscation (tested on fully patched windows Vista/7/8 running McAfee)
  • Added a new function that configures the Pure-FTPD server for the user

v1.0.5 Changes

  • Complete Payload and Menu Revamp
  • Updated menu options

v1.0.4 Changes

  • Added Persistence payload
  • Updated menu options

v1.0.3 Changes

  • Payload Update
  • JDK update support for 64bit systems added
  • Added initial delay function (allows you to set a custom delay for driver install time).
  • Changed encoder version from 2.4 to 3.0

v1.0.2 Changes

  • International keyboard mapping added. -- Tester's would be greatly appreciated.
  • Aesthetic changes to text.

v1.0.1 Changes

  • Added Payloads
  • Encoder downgraded from v3.0 to v2.4 due to issues encoding the Windows 7 Reverse shell payload.

If you would like to contribute your payload to the Simple-Ducky please contact me -

Encoder Readme

This new version allows you to use alternative layout. It supports ASCII, ISO-8859-1 and unicode.

  • $java -jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l fr
    • or
  • $java -jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l resources/

Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6

  • usage: duckencode -i [file ..] encode specified file
  • or: duckencode -i [file ..] -o [file ..] encode to specified file


  • -i [file ..] Input File
  • -o [file ..] Output File
  • -l [file ..] Keyboard Layout (us/uk/fr/pt or a path to a properties file)

Script Commands:

  • ALT [key name] (ex: ALT F4, ALT SPACE)
  • ALT-SHIFT (Input Lanugage Swap)
  • CTRL | CONTROL [key name] (ex: CTRL ESC)
  • CTRL-ALT [key name] (ex: CTRL-ALT DEL)
  • CTRL-SHIFT [key name] (ex: CTRL-SHIFT ESC)
  • DEFAULT_DELAY | DEFAULTDELAY [Time in millisecond * 10] (change the delay between each command)
  • DELAY [Time in millisecond * 10] (used to overide temporary the default delay)
  • GUI | WINDOWS [key name] (ex: GUI r, GUI l)
  • REM [anything] (used to comment your code, no obligation :) )
  • SHIFT [key name] (ex: SHIFT DEL)
  • REPEAT [Number] (Repeat last command N times)
  • STRING [any character of your layout]
  • [key name] (anything in the

Note: Getting strange behaviour with GUI to open windows-menu, WINDOWS appears to work ok (but GUI maps to WINDOWS), strange?