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Security: skytable/skytable

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Security Policy

Last updated: August 3, 2021


In the interest and commitment to the security of our users, the Skytable team has issued this document, titled the 'Security Policy'. Any vulnerabilities and/or exposures directly/indirectly involving the use of Skytable must be reported in compliance with this document.

Reporting vulnerabilities

  1. First prepare an MCVE to exploit the vulnerability
  2. Move your MCVE into a new directory and create a file EXPLOIT.txt
  3. Within the EXPLOIT.txt file, describe:
    • What version/tag/commit was exploited
    • A description of the exploit and its impact
    • How to run your MCVE (incl. required frameworks/dependencies/tools/et cetera)
  4. Also at the end of the EXPLOIT.txt file, write an affirmation:
    I, <NAME> affirm that all information provided here is correct to my knowledge and I will comply and coordinate with the team as required. I also
    acknowledge that I am making this submission as a voluntary effort.
    replacing <NAME> with your real name.
  5. Compress your files into a ZIP archive
  6. Encrypt the ZIP archive using our PGP public key linked below.
  7. Email the archive to: DO NOT include any information in the email body/subject because e-mail is insecure. Set the subject line to [SECURITY EXPLOIT] [DD-MM-YYYY].


You will be acknowledged in the report for your discovery of the exploit and will also be mentioned in the CVE report filed (if any).


  1. You/we discover and report a vulnerability
  2. The team acknowledges it (usually through an e-mail) and creates an internal ticket within 24 hours
  3. The team coordinates with itself/you to prepare a hotfix
  4. The hotfix is released and the time of release is noted
  5. 48 hours after the hotfix has been released, the vulnerability is disclosed
  6. A CVE and/or a Security Advisory is issued and released to the public.


  1. You may not disclose anything before the team publicly discloses the vulnerability
  2. You agree that this is voluntary work

Supported versions

The most recent 'stable channel' release (i.e not a pre-release as per Semver) receives a security hotfix and a patch will be released for older versions who need to deploy a fix.


Our PGP public key can be found here. To encrypt your ZIP file:

wget -O skytable.pgp  # download the key
gpg --import skytable.pgp                                                                                     # import the key
gpg --output <ZIPFILE> --encrypt <ZIPFILE>.zip --recipient              # encrypt the archive

Replace <ZIPFILE> with the name of your ZIP file. The output file will be <ZIPFILE> and this is what you have to send to the provided e-mail