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SkyWay JavaScript SDK

Using the SDK

Including the sdk from the CDN in your html

Add the following script tag to your html file.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can then use the Peer object to start connecting. For more details, check out the Tutorial. (日本語)

To use the compressed version, add .min to the end of the file name, like skyway-4.4.3.min.js.

Installing using npm to use with a bundler (e.g. webpack or browserify)

With npm installed, run

$ npm install -s skyway-js

You can then use require or import to import the package.

// require
const Peer = require('skyway-js');
const peer = new Peer({key: 'your-api-key'});

// import
import Peer from 'skyway-js';
const peer = new Peer({key: 'your-api-key'});



You can use /examples directory for checking your development code.

Follow these steps.

  • Modify your key
    • e.g.) sed -i -e "s/<YOUR_KEY_HERE>/12341234-abcd-1234-abcd-1234567890ab/g" examples/_shared/key.js
    • The key can be obtained from .
  • Start server on project root
    • e.g.) python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


Setting up

Make sure you have nodejs installed. Run npm install to get started and to set up dependencies.

# run eslint
npm run lint

# run all unit tests
npm run test # OR npm test OR npm t

# build the library
npm run build

After making changes in src/, you run

  • npm run lint to validate
  • npm test to run tests

then the npm run build and build skyway(.min).js which is stored in dist directory!

Bug Reports

  • check if you can reproduce in the latest version
  • check the FAQ and the forum to make sure the same issue has not already been reported.
  • create an issue by filling in the template.

Feature requests, proposals

Pull Requests

  • We do our best to process them quickly but please be understanding if we take a while to respond.
  • Steps
    • make changes on your fork.
    • include clear descriptions and references to all the issues by filling the template.
    • submit tests for your changes.
    • update docs when creating or changing features.
    • make sure the test suite & lint passes.
npm run lint
npm run test
  • Branch
    • send all pull requests (bug fixes, new features) to the master branch.
    • maintainers will change it to an appropriate branch.



## Description of the problem

## Environment
- SDK version (ex. SDK v1.0.1,etc)
- Device (ex. Windows PC, Nexus6, etc)
- OS (ex. Windows XX / Android 7.0 etc)
- Network (Cable/DSL/Fiber + WiFi, MiFi, LTE, etc)

## Steps to reproduce the problem

## Expected behavior

## Other information (Console log etc)


## Description of the Change

## Benefits

## Possible side effects

## Relevant Issues