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🍷 Play typewriter sound in Vim when you are typing a letter
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What is it ?

It's cool to play typewriter sound in Vim when you are typing a letter. 😎

⚡️ You can use it along with the typewriter color scheme, and feel like you are really working on a typewriter.

Enjoy the rhythm of your code, gain the power from the sound, become productive in vim. 🍷

See this video by Keefle (there is no audio delay in reality).



Plug 'skywind3000/vim-keysound'


Plugin 'skywind3000/vim-keysound'


Enable keysound from start:

let g:keysound_enable = 1

Command :KeysoundEnable and :KeysoundDisable can be used to manually start/stop the plugin if g:keysound_enable is not assigned.

Choose a sound theme:

let g:keysound_theme = 'default'

Then the plugin will work and you can enjoy sound effect when you are typing in insert mode.

Avaliable themes are:

  • default
  • typewriter
  • mario
  • sword
  • bubble

Additional sound themes can be found in sounds directory in your runtimepath, that is your ~/.vim/sounds or /path-to-dotfiles/sounds.

Change python version:

let g:keysound_py_version = 3

Both 2 and 3 are available. It is assigned to zero by default, and will choose python automatically, change it to 2 or 3 if you need specify the python version.

Change volume:

let g:keysound_volume = 500

The volume is initialized to 500 by default, and should be in range of [0, 1000].


keysound provide a function to allow you play any wav file in vim.

keysound#playsound(wavfile, volume)

wavfile is the path of your .wav file, volume is an integer with range of 0-1000.


  • Python or Python3 integration in vim
  • PySDL2 with SDL2 binaries.

PySDL2 is used to provide low-latency audio playback.


Just install python-sdl2 or python3-sdl2 with apt-get, depend on your python version in vim:

apt-get install python-sdl2


apt-get install python3-sdl2


Install python-sdl2 or python3-sdl2 and libSDL2_mixer-2_0-0 with zypper, depend on your python version in vim:

zypper install python-sdl2 libSDL2_mixer-2_0-0


zypper install python3-sdl2 libSDL2_mixer-2_0-0


Install pysdl2 in python or python3:

pip install pysdl2


pip3 install pysdl2

Download SDL2.dll from here, SDL2_mixer.dll from here. Put the two files into your python's installation directory.

You can verify your SDL2 installation by python -c "import sdl2". If there is no exceptions, your installation is fine.

Mac OS X

Install pysdl2 in python or python3:

pip install pysdl2


pip3 install pysdl2

Install sdl2 with brew:

brew install sdl2



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