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Colourful & robust OS X configuration files and utilities.
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Colourful & robust OS X configuration files and utilities.

Installation is done with simple command set (see “building system from scratch” for setup of new system):

curl --silent | sh

Additional steps

  1. Create ~/Developer/
  2. Change default shell to ZSH: chsh -s /bin/zsh.
  3. Install XCode.
  4. Install Hermit font.
  5. Change theme to terminal/paulmillr.terminal (Settings -> Profiles -> Press gear -> Import).


Shell (zsh):

  • Auto-completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Automatic setting up of terminal tab / window title to current dir
  • rm moves file to the OS X trash
  • A bunch of useful functions:
    • extract — unpack any archive (supports many extensions)
    • ram safari — show app RAM usage
    • openfiles — real-time disk usage monitoring with dtrace.
    • loc py coffee js html css — count lines of code in current dir in a colourful way.
    • ff file-name-or-pattern - fast recursive search for a file name in directories.
    • curl http://site/v1/api.json | json - pretty-print JSON
    • aes-enc, aes-dec - safely encrypt files.
  • Neat git extras:
    • Opinionated git log, git graph
    • gcp for fast git commit -m ... && git push
    • git pr <pull-req> [origin] for fetching pull request branches
    • git cleanup — clean up merged git branches. Very useful if you’re doing github pull requests in topic branches.
    • git summary — outputs commit email statistics.
    • git release — save changes, tag commit. If used on node.js project, also push to npm.
    • git url - opens GitHub repo for current git repo.
    • git-changelog, git-setup etc.
  • homesick / homeshick-compatible


  • bin — files that are symlinked to any directory with binaries in $PATH
  • etc — various stuff like osx text substitutions / hosts backup
  • git-extras — useful git functions, defined in home/gitconfig. Don't forget to change your git author to a proper name.
  • home — files that are symlinked to $HOME directory
  • sublime — sublime text 2 theme & settings
  • terminal — terminal theme & prompt

Building system from scratch (reminder)

  • Insert proper hosts from etc/hosts to system’s /etc/hosts.
  • Clone this project (dotfiles RECURSIVELY --recursive) and run sh
  • Download the Yosemite style Sublime Text icon (instructions on usage are included in download)
  • Install Sublime packages with Package Control: "Seti UI"


MIT (c) 2016 Paul Miller (

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