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💻 RISC-V Simulator of RV32I ISA. Out-of-order execution with Tomasulo algorithm and Speculation.
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Build Status

RISCV-Simulator implemented in C++. Support RV32I ISA.

For a full report on how I made this simulator, refer to Make You a RISC-V Simulator (PDF, Chinese)

For statistics and reports on sample programs, refer to Travis-CI build log.

This branch simulates a RISC-V CPU of 2 stage: issue and execute, which supports out-of-order execution.

It implements out-of-order execution with Tomasulo algorithm. For branch, It applies hardware speculation to speculate the following instructions. 3 load buffer, 3 store buffer, 4 ALU unit, and a 12-entry reorder buffer. Use Two-level adaptive predictor for branch prediction.

Note that since I was unable to design the equivalent circuit, this branch just shows a programmer's way to illustrate out-of-order execution design.

Branch Build Status Note
seq Build Status A sequential implementation. First edition. No feed forward.
feedforward Build Status Second edition. Based on seq. Feeding forward runs faster. (Though I don't like it.)
pipeline Build Status Pipelined version. Based on seq. Handle hazard by forwarding. Two-level adaptive predictor.
out-of-order Build Status Out-of-order execution with Tomasulo algorithm and Speculation.
master Build Status For online judge
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