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⛵ Raft Consensus Algorithm. gRPC for communication. Tested with a few cases.
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Build Status

Raft Consensus Algorithm implemented in C++. Refer to for original paper.


  1. Use vcpkg or other tools to install build dependencies (boost, gtest, grpc, protobuf, cpptoml). Use pip to install test dependencies.
apt install libboost-all-dev
vcpkg install gtest grpc protobuf cpptoml
pip3 install -r tests/requirements.txt
  1. Generate protobuf header
export VCPKG_ROOT="$HOME/vcpkg"
export VCPKG_DEFAULT_TRIPLET="x64-osx"
cd protos && ./
  1. Build and run unit tests
cmake -H. -Bbuild -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$VCPKG_ROOT/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake
cd build && cmake --build .
export RAFT_EXECUTABLE=$(pwd)/RaftService
  1. Use python to run system tests
pytest tests/

On macOS, there'll be some problems with launching subprocess in Python. Testing script will retry launching until server is reachable.


Some changes were made on Raft RPC described in original paper. This implementation uses gRPC for node communication, but I make request and reply into 2 separate RPCs. Therefore it's not possible to correspond a response to a request. For AppendEntries RPC, prevLogTerm in request should be known when sending AppendEntries reply. Therefore a lastAgreedLogIndex field was added. For other reply RPCs, sender field is added.

Personally I would like to break down Raft protocol to many small parts as it is more convenient to test.

core/ contains core Raft algorithm. The core algorithm (Instance.cpp) contains only 200+ lines of code.

rpc/ contains one RPC implementation with gRPC. Here I choose single-thread asynchronized implementation. All RPCs requests are pushed into a lock-free queue, and then are processed in the event-loop thread. This choice leads to the split of RPC request and response message described above. Therefore, thread lock usage is eliminated.

In src/, mock_main.cpp can be used to mock a Raft cluster with 'events', which means that there're no RPC requests and all RPC are simulated with events and callbacks. You may adjust drop_rate and delay to mock an unstable network. You may add events to simulate events in network. Currently the mock main will kick off leader and restore it to test log consistency. It will generate RaftMockMain executable.

grpc_main.cpp uses gRPC for communication between clients. It also helps set up a Raft cluster. It will generate RaftMockRPC executable.

service_main.cpp is a real Raft client with server control for system testing. It corresponds to RaftService executable.

System tests in tests/ are written in Python. It will automatically run Raft service executable, build a 5-node cluster and test it with different conditions.


  • Async log read and write
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