Spotlight-searchable, offline CloudFusion SDK documentation for Mac OS X.
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CloudFusion Dictionary for Mac OS X

By Ryan Parman

  • Portions (c) 2006-2010 Ryan Parman & Foleeo Inc.
  • Portions (c) 2010 Inc.
  • Portions (c) 2009 Mika Tuupola

Dictionary generation code based on jQuery Dictionary by Mika Tuupola.

Dictionary file follows the same licensing terms as the CloudFusion documentation.

This project is incomplete! It's not worth your time to install it yet!

If you want to simply install...

Pull the code down from GitHub.

cd ~/Desktop
git clone git://


cd ~/Desktop
svn export cloudfusion-dictionary

Open the cloudfusion-dictionary folder on your desktop, and copy the CloudFusion.dictionary dictionary file to ~/Library/Dictionaries.

If you want to build from source...

You must have the latest Xcode Developer Tools from Apple installed.

git clone git://
cd cloudfusion-dictionary/src
make && make install


svn co cloudfusion-dictionary
cd cloudfusion-dictionary/src
make && make install

Enable the Dictionary

  1. Launch
  2. If you don't see "CloudFusion" in the toolbar, open Preferences [Dictionary > Preferences].
  3. Enable the "CloudFusion" dictionary.

Force Spotlight re-index (Optional)

You can force Spotlight to begin re-indexing (which includes Dictionary definitions) immediately with the following command:

sudo mdutil -E /