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LXD Resource provider for Terraform
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LXD Resource provider for Terraform

Build Status



Using pre-built binary

  1. Download the binary from the project releases page
  2. Extract provider binary from tar file.
  3. Copy to $PATH or the ~/.terraform.d/plugins directory so Terraform can find it.


# List latest binaries:
curl -s | jq '.assets | .[] | .browser_download_url'

# Retrieve zip

# Unzip
unzip terraform-provider-lxd_*.zip

# Copy binary to a location where Terraform will find it
mkdir -p ~/.terraform.d/plugins
mv terraform-provider-lxd ~/.terraform.d/plugins

Building from source

  1. Follow these instructions to setup a Golang development environment.
  2. Use go get to pull down this repository and compile the binary:
go get -v -u


Full documentation can be found in the docs directory.

Known Limitations

Many of the base LXD images don't include an SSH server, therefore terraform will be unable to execute any provisioners. Either use the base ubuntu images from the ubuntu or ubuntu-daily or manually prepare a base image that includes SSH.


Some recognition for great contributors to this project:

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