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Tic Tac Toe and SUnit tests written in GNU Smalltalk
Smalltalk Shell
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  • Mac OS X (should work on Linux/Windows)
  • GNU Smalltalk version 3.2.2

Easy Setup (for Mac OS X)

If you have homebrew, installing GNU Smalltalk is as easy as running brew install gnu-smalltalk. Otherwise, build it manually using the instructions here.

After building GNU Smalltalk, the TicTacToe library needs to be packaged. I have included a shell script that creates the package, runs the SUnit tests, and places the package in your ~/.st directory. The ~/.st directory is one of several places GNU Smalltalk looks to find packages. If the package built successfully, you should see the new directory in your home path and *.star packages are nothing more than *.zip files.

To run the shell script, type the following in the project root:


Running the Game

To run the game, type the following in the project root:


Running SUnit Tests

Simply run the same shell script used to build the package.


Thanks to bonzini and gnu-smalltalk IRC members for the help!

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