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this is buggy

Maybe use:

alpha of changed version gi-1.0.012 from 14.01.2019 of global-IntelliSense-everywhere. Because bugfixing of other versions takes to long at the moment (sorry) uploadet time: 20201516 , 16.05.2020

this is buggy

this is buggy

this is buggy

this is buggy

English: Automates context-sensitive writing and action. Is an unobtrusive IntelliSense for all programs, all websites, all apps, all windows, just everything that runs in Windows.

German: Automatisiert kontextsensitives Schreiben und Handeln. Ist eine unaufdringliche IntelliSense für alle Programmen, alle Webseiten, alle Apps, alle Fenster, für einfach alles was in Windows läuft.

Audience/target group: Programmers, writers, Windows Power users, Autohotkey lovers

what its not:

  • although that is originally was , its not anymore a simple auto-completion list. you can still use it for that, but that's just a subset of the features.

  • Its not Swiftkey for Windows The SwiftKey keyboard makes typing easier and adapts to your writing style. It's a good idea to use both at the same time. it wokrs very well in parallel with other intellisense or auto-completion lists ( )

if you use it, please share your ActionLists with the community.

Its Sponsored! This project is sponsored by JetBrains. JetBrains is a software development company whose mission is to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. Their tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create.

JetBrains Logo

This international company has a user base of 4+ million users across 140 countries. The company has won over 300+ awards. Their customer base includes, The New York Times, CitiBank, Twitter, Pinterest, NASA, Salesforce and Samsung.

or (without sound)

HowTo create a new ActionList and first entry with global-IntelliSense-everywhere Version 0.99 or slower with audio:

global IntelliSense everywhere examples windows autohotkey

(Suggestions for improvement, criticism, questions are expressly desired. Many Thanks.)

Please configure ActionList by any texteditor you like. and you may wanna edit the inside your new folder ( ActionLists/YourNewClass/ ).

There is also a global /ActionLists/ you may wanna edit ( ActionLists/YourNewClass/ ).

The files are meant to be redirected to ActionLists (superglobal, global or local, ...) if you do not have the normal configuration.

Please handle the globals carefully, as it could be otherwise that the whole script does not work anymore.

The first steps will probably be that you only edit the ActionLists / YourNewClass / yourNewTitle.ahk. The simplest change is just to add one line of text.

please report Issues here:,%20Incomplete,%20Submitted,%20%7BTo%20be%20discussed%7D%20sort%20by:%20Priority%20asc%20 (prefered place) or or or

its using (many thanks for it):

  • regex (Regular expressions are extremely useful in read/change information from any text)
  • SQLite (fast, self-contained, high-reliability, full-featured, SQL database engine)
  • windows OS (experimental: reactos)
  • autohotkey

Autohotkey Logo


  • Maniac
  • Jordi S
  • HugoV
  • kakarukeys
  • Asaptrad
  • j4hangir
  • Theclaw
  • rommmcek
  • jamesw77bp
  • jeeswg
  • fridemarDrPache
  • and many more


global IntelliSense everywhere for windows with autohotkey




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