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LJlogin extension for Firefox (DEFUNCT)
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The Original Premise

Are you a Firefox user with multiple LiveJournal accounts (whether for roleplaying or other purposes)? Weary of constantly having to go back to the login page to switch accounts, especially if you forget and do something while logged into the wrong one? Well, now you're in luck, because LJlogin will help you by showing you who you're logged in as and -- if you use Firefox's Password Manager -- allowing you to switch between them.


The last update to LJlogin was in 2011. Five years later, I finally accepted that I'm just never going to get it together to pick up development of it again, especially since I don't really use any sites that use LiveJournal code anymore, especially not for roleplaying (probably the primary use case for needing multiple account support).

So, in 2016, I finally moved the project from my own site (and Subversion, for that matter) to GitHub here, to have somewhere I don't have to manage to retire it to.

So You're Planning on Forking This Project

In the process of moving this project to GitHub, I've culled some things out that, in my opinion, are particular to the project as I was responsible for it. I did not try to go through all of the past commits and edit history; I merely committed new changes to master. Please provide your own values for these things instead of going back and finding the old values.

Removals / Changes:

  • From install.rdf:
    • Both instances of em:id
    • The em:updateKey, since you wouldn't really be able to sign your packages without my private half anyway.
    • The em:homepageURL and updateURL, since neither of those is valid anymore anyway. Actually, I've change the homepage URL to the GitHub project. If you're going to develop from a fork, you should probably change that to your own project URL.
    • I'm leaving em:creator as-is; I leave it to you and your conscience to decide how you want to handle how much credit you give me as original developer vs. yourself as the person picking up the code.
  • ...Actually, that's it. You may wish I'd culled out all of my terrible code, but sorry, no, that stays unless you do something about it.
  • Oh, and you should probably clean up this README to take all this stuff out, while you're at it.

Also, reflecting the fact that this project is defunct and abandoned, I will not be accepting help or pull requests. I'm sorry, but please don't even try.

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