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Version 2.0.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 17 Apr 00:45
· 33 commits to main since this release

We are thrilled to announce the release of Quill 2.0! Please check out the announcement post.

Major Improvements

  • Quill is now a valid ESM package for better ecosystem (e.g. bundlers) and tree-shaking support
  • Nested Quill support #3590
  • Improved IME and spell corrector support #3807
  • Semantic cleanups for TEXT_CHANGE event #3778
  • History: Record selection in history module #3823
  • Auto detect scrolling container #3840
  • Clipboard: Improve support for pasting from Google Docs and Microsoft Word

Performance Improvements

Quill 2.0 includes many performance optimizations, the most important of which is the improved rendering speed for large content.

  • Improve inserting performance #3815
  • Avoid fetching selections when possible #3538
  • No need to setContents when container is empty #3539

Code Modernization

  • Migrated to TypeScript
  • Provided official TypeScript declarations
  • Migrated to Vitest for unit testing
  • Migrated to Playwright for E2E testing
  • Migrated website to Gatsby

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Full Changelog: v1.3.7...v2.0.0