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Build a Slack app in less than 10 minutes!

Welcome to the Slack app tutorial: PythOnBoardingBot.

This tutorial serves as a walkthrough guide and example of the types of Slack apps you can build with Slack's Python SDK, python-slackclient. We'll cover all the basic steps you'll need to have a fully functioning app.

What is PythOnBoardingBot?

PythOnBoardingBot is designed to greet new users on your team and introduce them to some nifty features in Slack.

When a user first joins a team it'll send you a message with the following tasks that you must complete:

  • Pin a message to the channel.
  • React to a message.

As you complete each task you'll see the message update with a green checkmark.


What you'll need before you get started:

  1. A Slack team. Before anything else you'll need a Slack team. You can Sign into an existing Slack workspace or you can create a new Slack workspace to test your app first.

  2. A terminal with Python 3.6+ installed. Check your installation by running the following command in your terminal:

$ python3 --version
-> Python 3.6.7

You'll need to install Python 3.6 if you receive the following error:

-> bash: python3: command not found

Note: You should probably use pyenv to install Python 3. See pyenv and pyenv-install for details.

Create a new project folder and a virtual environment.

$ mkdir PythOnBoardingBot && cd PythOnBoardingBot
$ python3 -m venv env/
$ source env/bin/activate
  1. A text editor of your choice. Open up your new project folder "PythOnBoardingBot" in your text editor.

Table of contents

Coming up next

  • Add tests to your app.
  • Add starring a message as an onboarding task.
  • Run this app on Glitch.
  • Creating a Slack "MessageBuilder" object. This would aid in the creation of complex messages.
  • Running this app from the command line with $ click_.
  • How to run this app on multiple teams.


This tutorial app was originally built by @karishay . Thank you! 🙇

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