A simple rust library for working with ZIP archives
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rust-zip Build Status

A simple rust library to read and write Zip archives, which is also my pet project for learning Rust. At the moment you can list the files in a Zip archive, as well as extracting them if they are either stored (uncompressed) or deflated, but I plan to add write support soon.

A simple example

#![feature(core, os, io, path)]

extern crate zip;

use std::os;
use std::old_io::File;
use zip::ZipReader;
use zip::fileinfo::FileInfo;

fn main() {
    let args = os::args();
    match args.len(){
        2 => list_content(&mut zip_file(&args[1][])),
        3 => extract_file(&mut zip_file(&args[1][]), &args[2][]),
        _ => print_usage(&args[0][])

macro_rules! do_or_die{
    ($expr:expr) => (match $expr {
        Ok(val) => val,
        Err(err) => {println!("{}",err); panic!()}

fn zip_file(file: &str) -> ZipReader<File>{

fn output_file(file: &str)->File{

fn zipped_file_info(zip: &mut ZipReader<File>, file: &str) -> FileInfo{

fn list_content(reader: &mut ZipReader<File>)->(){
    for file in reader.files(){
        let (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) = file.last_modified_datetime;
        let mod_time = format!("{:04}-{:02}-{:02} {:02}:{:02}:{:02}", year, month, day, hour, minute, second);
        println!("{} ({}): bytes: {:10}, compressed: {:10}",
            file.name, mod_time, file.compressed_size, file.uncompressed_size);

fn extract_file(zip: &mut ZipReader<File>, file: &str)->(){
    let mut out = output_file(file);
    let info = zipped_file_info(zip, file);
    do_or_die!(zip.extract(&info, &mut out));

fn print_usage(this: &str)->(){
    println!("Usage: {} [file.zip] [file_to_extract]", this);


  • Learn more Rust
  • Write support
  • Create a proper set of tests
  • Support advanced features (more compression methods, ZIP64, encryption, multiple volumes...)