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+title: The Big Easy 2011
+layout: post
+ - software
+ **TL;DR:** *I use quite a bit of software.*
+ For no particular reason other than I need to post something to make up for
+ all the times I didn't post (and because I love making lists), here's a list of the software that I use day to day.
+ * [Ubuntu][ubuntu]: My main machine is running Ubuntu 11.04. I've got other
+ boxes running older versions of Ubuntu (as well as OS X) but this is where
+ my hat hangs for the time being. Speaking of hanging, Unity almost made me
+ want to hang myself but I think I have it dialed into where I like
+ it. Hidden inside the Compiz settings are some sweet keyboard shortcuts for
+ windows management, which is the only reason I tried out [[xmonad]] for as
+ long as I did.
+ * [GNU Emacs][emacs]: Emacs is probably where I spend about 90% of my
+ day. I've got it to the point where I hardly touch the configuration files
+ anymore. People complain that emacs users spend tons of time fiddling with
+ settings but you have to average that over the lifespan of you using the
+ software. So the time setting it up isn't that much really. Emacs probably
+ demands its own post about all the packages that I use come to think of it.
+ * [Google Chrome][chrome]: Yep, I ditched [Firefox][firefox]. Chrome just
+ seems a lot faster and the developer tools are built in and rock
+ solid. Seeing as how Firebug was staring to cause me to stab my eyes out,
+ I'm quite happy now.
+ * [Dropbox][dropbox]: This is a service that I actually pay for. At my last
+ job, dropbox was blocked and it made my life kind hellish. Without it, all
+ my ebooks, projects and personal wiki are inaccessible.
+ * [KeePassX][keepassx]: The older the get, the more I forget. And when it
+ comes to the bazillions of passwords I need to remember for various sites, I
+ rely on KeePassX. Open source and available on multiple platforms, it's a
+ keeper. Har har! Get it? Keeper. KeePassX. I should move over to marketing.
+ * [Spotify][spotify]: Another service that I pay for. The huge selection of
+ songs and the integration with Facebook make it kind of hard to pass
+ up. I mention Facebook because it's good fun to queue up [weird
+ songs][song] so they end up on your wall and your Mom gets to see it.
+ * [Git][git]: Yeah, I spend way too much time in git but I use it and it
+ suits my software development needs. So much so, that I use git to interact
+ with our Subversion repository at work.
+ * [Remeber the Milk][rtm]: Another piece of software that I pay for. I know
+ this is technically a web service but I have software installed for it on
+ my phone and tablet so I'm lumping this into the software post.
+ * [urxvt][urxvt]: I'm using this less and less now that I've been using
+ [Emacs to run my shell][emacs-shell] but when I need to run complex
+ commands, this is the termianal I turn to. My shell of choice is [Zsh][zsh].
+ * [Oh My Zsh!][ohmyzsh]: Speaking of Zsh, this is a great collection of very
+ useful Zsh configurations and aliases which make working with Zsh very
+ very nice.
+ * [homedir][homedir]: I don't know how I exactly found homedir but it's very
+ sweet. It's basically a small package manager for your home directory. I
+ use to keep all configurations the same across machines. And where I need a
+ machine specific configuration, homedir comes to the rescue. I don't
+ really use this day to day but thought it was worth mentioning because
+ it's saved my bacon a few times.
+That about wraps up what I'm using day to day. I use other things on-and-off
+(like LibreOffice -- *shudder*) but didn't think they were worth putting in the post.
+ [ubuntu]:
+ [xmonad]:
+ [emacs]:
+ [firefox]:
+ [chrome]:
+ [dropbox]:
+ [keepassx]:
+ [spotify]:
+ [song]:
+ [git]:
+ [homedir]:
+ [urxvt]:
+ [emacs-shell]:
+ [ohmyzsh]:
+ [zsh]:
+ [rtm]:

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