A greasemonkey script to improve the interface and keyboard shortcuts for Bugzilla instances still running version 2.
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A Greasemonkey script to (hopefully) improve the interface to instances of Bugzilla still running version 2. It also adds some keyboard shortcuts.


First, you'll need to install Greasemonkey.

Then, after restarting your browser, you'll need to download the tidybz2.user.js script for it to install.

It probably goes without saying but this script won't run on anything but Firefox (and maybe Chrome).

Once you have it up and running, just press ? to get a list of keyboard shortcuts.


Thanks to Jesse Ruderman for the inspiration via TidyBug and JPDaigle for the keyboard navigation via BugzillaKeyboardNavigation.


Fix up the keyboard shortcut display. It's using a lowly JavaScript alert right now and it's getting a bit cramped.