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Todo list manager for Google Calendar
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HashtagTodo is an application that manages your todos inside of a Google Calendar. You make items with #todo in the summary and the back end will pick them up and start managing them. If items aren't checked off by putting an x in the box that's created, then on the day they are due then they will get rolled forward at midnight. This works all with regular calendar entries so it's functional anywhere you can access your Google Calendar. You can read this blog post for some information about how this project got started.

Getting Started

This is designed to run in Google App Engine. You'll need to set up an account there in order to run in production. Note that the Google Calendar push notifications require you to enable TLS.

The only step required before running in development or production is to edit the todo/ file and supply the required values there. It's recommended that you don't check this file in with real values, since it contains sensitive information. Once that's filled in, run a development server to test your changes.

Running a Development Server

Just run make develop and it will start a server that will watch for files changes as you edit and apply the changes immediately.

Pushing Live

If you have the right credentials, make production will deploy the application to Google App Engine.

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