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@@ -23,8 +23,6 @@ push_listener
not be responded to until a message for the listener (identified by
$push_id) becomes available. See protocol documentation for more info.
push_listener_concurrency [ last | first | broadcast ]
default: last
context: http, server, location
@@ -117,20 +115,17 @@ it's a damn good idea to make sure the push_server location is not visible
publically, as it is intended for use only by your application.
Traversal through the message buffer by a listener requires proper caching
-support. Make sure your client correctly send Last-Modified and ETag headers.
+support. Make sure your client correctly sends Last-Modified and ETag headers.
----------------------- "Protocol" spec --------------------------------------
---------------------------- todo --------------------------------------------
-- Add a directive apply to push_listeners regarding what to do when
- multiple simultaneous requests with the same $push_id are received.
- Options will be "unique", "broadcast", "fifo" and "filo".
-- Add other mechanisms of server pushing. The list should include
- "long-poll" (default), "interval-poll".
- Add a push_accomodate_strangers setting (presently defaulting to on).
When set to off, requests with a previously-unseen $push_id
will be rejected.
+- Add other mechanisms of server pushing. The list should include
+ "long-poll" (default), "interval-poll".
- When POSTing to push_server, if Content-Type is "message/http", the
response sent to $push_id should be created from the body of the request.

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