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push_authorized_channels_only documentation

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@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@ push_message_buffer_length [ number ]
when a channel's message buffer length exceeds this setting. Set to 0 to
disable buffering.
+push_authorized_channels_only [ on | off ]
+ default: off
+ context: http, server, location
+ Whether or not a listener may create a channel. If set to on, a sender must
+ senda request to some channel (POST or PUT) before a listener. Otherwise,
+ all listener requests will get a 403 Forbidden response.
The following directives are DEPRECATED. They will be respected,
but may not be around for very long.
@@ -121,9 +128,6 @@ support. Make sure your client correctly sends Last-Modified and ETag headers.
---------------------------- todo --------------------------------------------
-- Add a push_accomodate_strangers setting (presently defaulting to on).
- When set to off, requests with a previously-unseen $push_id
- will be rejected.
- Add other mechanisms of server pushing. The list should include
"long-poll" (default), "interval-poll".
- When POSTing to push_server, if Content-Type is "message/http", the
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