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channel multiplexing #43

morganchristiansson opened this Issue · 6 comments

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This has been requested before in other forums and tickets (1. and 2.,23916 ). I'm putting it in as a separate issue so that it's not forgotten and can be subscribed to.

Make it possible to be a member of multiple channels using only one connection. Like being in a chat with 3 people. I could open 3 long polling requests but would have to trick around with domain names due to the 2-connection limit then.

something like http://server/sub/?channel_id=channel1,channel23,channel42


happy to see the project live again.
sad to find multiplexing still a plan.


Still no progress about this issue? A chat room without private channel is unreasonable, I love this module: light and clean. Waiting for multiplexing function to replace my current fat, hard to management chat room.

thanks a lot.


Like pearcewang, I really like the work you've done, but I'd really love multiplexing to be completed too.. Are you able to provide an update on whats happening (or not) with it?

thanks for your work so far - please keep this project alive, its great!


How is it going?


It's alpha yet, but is working fine:


I multiplex and manage concurrent subscriptions upstream in my app. I have one channel per user with a message stream similar to:

[{act: 'msg', from: 'Bob', to: '#channel', msg: 'Howdy!'}]

[{act: 'ton', from: 'Jill', to: 'Bob'}]

    {act: 'toff', from: 'Jill', to: 'Bob'},
    {act: 'msg', from: 'Jill', to: 'Bob', msg: 'heroo?'}

[{act: 'msg', from: 'Eve', to: '#channel', msg: 'Why hello ther.'}]

The "multiple messages per message" is due to transactional management in my app. If multiple actions require notification they are compounded into a single message which the client just loops through. If the transaction fails (needs roll-back) the messages are eaten.

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