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class Solution(object):
def minimumTotal(self, triangle):
:type triangle: List[List[int]]
:rtype: int
row = len(triangle)
dp = [[0]*i for i in range(1,row+1)]
dp[0][0] = triangle[0][0]
for i in range(1,row):
dp[i][0] = dp[i-1][0]+triangle[i][0]
for j in range(1,row):
dp[j][-1] = dp[j - 1][-1]+triangle[j][-1]
for k in range(2,row):
for z in range(1,k):
dp[k][z] = min((dp[k-1][z]+triangle[k][z]),(dp[k-1][z-1]+triangle[k][z]))
return min(dp[-1])
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