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class Solution(object):
def minPathSum(self, grid):
:type grid: List[List[int]]
:rtype: int
if not grid:
return 0
r = len(grid)
c = len(grid[0])
mat = [[0 for i in range(c)] for j in range(r)]
# 初始化最小点
mat[0][0] = grid[0][0]
# 初始化行列
for i in range(1, r):
mat[i][0] = sum([l[0] for l in grid][:(i + 1)])
for i in range(1, c):
mat[0][i] = sum(grid[0][:(i + 1)])
for i in range(1, r):
for j in range(1, c):
mat[i][j] = min(mat[i - 1][j], mat[i][j - 1]) + grid[i][j]
return mat[-1][-1]
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