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What can we get from Ensemble Project?

Motivations for this project includes:

  • How to get a sample bagging or stacking model?
  • How to tune the a large number of the params?
  • How to deploy the trained models?

Theory details

If you just want to use the methods i suggested with these codes ,you may read the article:


If you want to go deep into the methods i suggested with these codes ,you may read the article:


And to be honest,the second article is a little bit hard than the first one. For all that,i still suggest that all these two articles should be read Carefully.

Important tips

  • All these codes (Bagging_tuning、Stacking_gbdt_logistic_regression、Stacking_gbdt_logistic_regression) just show how to tuning a good ensemble model ,they may be not at the best params
  • Be patient with the code annotation
  • The input data structured by me randomly , it's meaningless

Reading flow

  • Data_preprocessing first, you can skip as well ,it targets to transform the data and it was uploaded into the data folder already.
  • Bagingg_tuning,Stacking_gbdt_logistic_regression or Stacking_xgboost_logistic_regression
  • Deployment_with_trained_models at last, it shows how to deploy trained models and can be ignored as well


  • pandas
  • numpy
  • xgboost
  • data_preprocessing
  • sklearn


You can get them all at folder : machine_learning/data/ easily

  • ensemble_data.txt

The initial data , you need transfer them by the script

  • ensemble_X_train.csv
  • ensemble_X_test.csv
  • ensemble_Y_train.csv
  • ensemble_Y_test.csv

They be transfered by the initial data , you need train the ensemble models with them

  • enc.pkl
  • correct_rank.pkl
  • keep_q_set.pkl
  • model_lr.pkl
  • model_sklearn.pkl
  • train_columns.pkl

We got them by training the model : Stacking_xgboost_logistic_regression , and deploy them with

For some ulterior reasons, i skip some codes among the codes. U know why~:) Thank u for reading , wish u a nice start

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