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Muon – a new kind of RTS

Muon is a real time strategy game currently under heavy development. The game has an unusual twist – there are no moving units. To win the game, you must conquer your opponent using only static buildings!

The game is fairly minimalistic but offers many opportunities for cunning plans, tricks and tactical badassery. Games are usually not long, but very intense. Because of the lack of movable units, you will need to make sure that every building counts!

Are you going to outsmart your enemy, sneaking into the back of their base to snipe their generator silently? Or are you going to go for a map full of construction yards and overpower your enemy by sheer numbers, like a flood wave? Or are you looking for that technological advantage that can just be gained with a few cluster bombs delivered with surgical precision?


There are five normal buildings in the game:

  • You start with a Generator and you cannot build a new one. This building generates energy for all of your other buildings, and without it, the war is lost!

  • The Pylon picks up weak energy signals and amplifies them. This essentially provides an extension to the power field which all of your buildings depend on. Buildings do not function properly if not within range of a Pylon or the Generator.

  • The Scout is a basic fighting unit and watch tower. The Scout is very effective for exploring the map or forcing your will during simple territorial disputes.

  • The Attacker is a strong military building armed to its teeth. An Attacker is effectively applied when a situation takes a turn for the exceptionally hairy.

  • The Wall doesn't look like much, but it is solid as a rock and cancels out the enemies power grid, which prevents their further mobilisation across the terrain.

There are also three special buildings which can be placed on a few strategic points (control points) on the map.

  • The Conyard is a construction yard which works diligently with your building construction, cutting down on your building times. The more construction yards you have, the faster you can build.

  • The Missile Silo gives you the ability to drop a devastating cluster bomb anywhere on any visible location of the map. The more Silos you have, the faster in succession can you drop the bombs.

  • The Radar gives you the ability to expose any part of the map for a short period of time. The more radars you have, the faster in succession can you reveal parts of the map.


There are pre-built packages available at h4xxel's homepage:

Note to developers

If you are allergic to fugly code, hate quick and dirty hacks, think function pointers are an abomination or curse upon lack of comments or documentation: please walk away now. You will not like what you are about to see. If nothing of the above bothers you however, you are more than welcome to have a look!


Muon is a new kind of RTS




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