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GUI library for Ruby/Clojure/Java
Java Ruby Clojure
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Simple UI Framework for Ruby


Where to start:

  • Limelight::Main

More Documentation

If you're not using it already, be sure to check out the Limelight Docs production. It's full of tutorials and examples that'll teach you everything you need to know to build your own Limelight productions.

Just install Limelight and let'er rip.

Developing with Limelight

rvm use jruby
gem install limelight

limelight create production my_first_production
limelight open my_first_production

Development on Limelight

git clone git://
cd limelight
jruby -S rake init
jruby -S rake tests

Try it out: bin/limelight open productions/examples/sandbox


Copyright 2008-2012 8th Light, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Limelight and all included source files are distributed under terms of the MIT license.


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