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A simple HTTP library and server written in Java

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A simple Java HTTP server. Simple. This projects does not pretend to be anything like a full stack web application framework. It's for simple, dynamic HTTP content.


This code has been extracted from the FitNesse project. One distinguishing aspect of FitNesse is it's “stand-alone” ability. Back in the day, FitNesse was a web server in a jar file. It has since grown beyond that but the simplicity of a stand alone web server was grand.

MM HTTP offer that ability.


All you'll need is t he jar file.


Here is program that uses MM HTTP to start a server.

import mmhttp.protocol.*;
import mmhttp.server.*;

public class SampleMain
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
    Server server = new Server(8000);
    server.register("hello.*", HelloResponder.class);

  public static class HelloResponder implements Responder
    public Response makeResponse(Server server, Request request) throws Exception
      return new SimpleResponse(200, "<h1>Hello World!</h1>");

And here's how you compile and run it.

javac -classpath mmhttp-1.1.jar
java -classpath mmhttp-1.1.jar SampleMain

Then visit localhost:8000/hello to see it in action.


You will find the javadocs for the classes in this framework at:

Key Concepts

Command Pattern. This framework is built on the Command pattern where Responder is “Command” class. You can create your own implementations of Responder and register them, along with a resource pattern, on the server. When the Server receives a request, it will search through all the registered Responders to find a pattern that matches the requested resource. Once found, the Responder will be instantiated and invoked.

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