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  • Standard runner clears descriptions after each run.



  • Support for Leiningen 2


  • Throwables are now caught by vigilant runner when loading files. Errors used to fail silently.


  • Errors (as opposed to Exceptions) no longer abort test runs


  • 2.1.0 is broken for some reason


  • Vigilant runner will remember failing tests and rerun them until they pass
  • leiningen spec task will always run in project root
  • tags in the command line work again


  • before-all's can use values from with-all's



  • Improved stacktrace eliding for pagages starting with clojure./java./speclj.
  • Multiple reporters supported
  • new assertions: should-be-nil, should-not-be-nil (Thanks to pgr0ss)
  • made reporting functional resuable


  • added pending macro to mark characteristics as pending
  • empty characteristics are now considered pending
  • xit is a shortcut to mark a characteristic as pending
  • added shortcuts for runners and reporters
  • renamed specdoc to documentation
  • output improved
  • with-all spec component
  • tag examples. declared in describe blocks. filtered on run.
  • exclude hidden files in runs (


  • using raw Runtime.exec in 'lein spec' command to avoid ant's output mangling and lag.
  • should-be-same or some assertion that checks object reference equality
  • allow runners to run files, not just directories
  • options for (run-specs)
  • fix file path displayed with failed spec
  • refactored Vigilant running to use fresh library (embedded locally)


  • around components now execute around befores and afters
  • removed AOT compilation of clojure src which caused problems on other versions of clojure
  • fixed typo that prevented src from properly reloaded by Vigilant Runner
  • spec files are sorted before running
  • stack traces are elided and a switch was added to output full stack traces


  • fixed problem where vigilant runner would crash with :reload or :verbose in ns
  • colorize output
  • standard runner won't evaluate specs until they're all loaded
  • with components are only bound within their context
  • nested describe/context
  • afters are invoked even after failures or errors
  • should= support for doubles (use delta)
  • Lazy seqs print nicely in output (trptcolin)


  • First release
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