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commit dd71c9437814e6551d045f35a2b55c8cad159674 1 parent feac5c8
Dave Moore authored
2  spec/speclj_www/core_spec.clj
@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@
["/docs/with-all" "docs/with-all"]
["/docs/around" "docs/around"]
["/docs/tags" "docs/tags"]
+ ["/plugins" "plugins/index"]
+ ["/plugins/speclj-growl" "plugins/speclj-growl"]
(defn test-all-routes [route assertions]
12 src/speclj_www/controller/plugins_controller.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+(ns speclj_www.controller.plugins-controller
+ (:use
+ [compojure.core :only (routes GET)]
+ [joodo.views :only (render-template render-html)]
+(def plugins-controller
+ (->
+ (routes
+ (GET "/plugins" [] (render-template "plugins/index"))
+ (GET "/plugins/speclj-growl" [] (render-template "plugins/speclj-growl"))
1  src/speclj_www/view/layouts/index.hiccup.clj
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
[:li [:a {:href "/install"} "Installation"]]
[:li [:a {:href "/tutorial"} "Tutorial"]]
[:li [:a {:href "/docs"} "Documentation"]]
+ [:li [:a {:href "/plugins"} "Plugins"]]
[:li [:a {:href "/community"} "Community"]]
[:li [:a {:href "" :target "_blank"} "Feature Requests"]]]]
[:div {:id "content"}
3  src/speclj_www/view/layouts/main.hiccup.clj
@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@
[:li [:a {:href "/docs"} "Documentation"]]
(if (= "docs" (subs (*request* :uri) 1 5))
[:li (render-partial "partials/doc_sidebar")])
+ [:li [:a {:href "/plugins"} "Plugins"]]
+ (if (= "plug" (subs (*request* :uri) 1 5))
+ [:li (render-partial "partials/plugins_sidebar")])
[:li [:a {:href "/community"} "Community"]]
[:li [:a {:href "" :target "_blank"} "Feature Requests"]]]]
[:div {:id "content"}
3  src/speclj_www/view/partials/_plugins_sidebar.hiccup.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+ [:li [:a {:href "/plugins/speclj-growl"} "Speclj Growl"]]
BIN  src/speclj_www/view/plugins/.DS_Store
Binary file not shown
7 src/speclj_www/view/plugins/index.hiccup.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+[:h3 "Plugins"]
+[:p "With plugin support, you can customize the functionality of your testing framework. Speclj makes it easy to use existing plugins and create new plugins."]
+[:p "In the sidebar, we list all of the plugins that are currently available. Instructions on how to use each plugin is on its associated page. If you built a plugin and would like it to be listed here, let us know by sending us a message " [:a {:href ""} "here"] "."]
+[:p "If you want to build a plugin all you have to do is create a Leiningen project that includes speclj in the project.clj file and extend the project as you see fit. If you want an example, simply take a look at the source code of one of the existing plugins."]
13 src/speclj_www/view/plugins/speclj-growl.hiccup.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+[:h3 "Speclj-Growl"]
+[:h4 "Written By: Paul Gross"]
+[:p "Speclj-Growl sends the results of your tests through " [:a {:href ""} "Growl"] ". Growl is a notification system for the Mac Operating System."]
+[:h3 "Installation"]
+[:p "If you are using Leiningen, simpley add [speclj-growl \"1.0.0-SNAPSHOT\"] to your project.clj file. If you are using Maven, add the following to your pom.xml file:"]
+[:code "&lt;dependency&gt;<br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;groupId&gt;speclj-growl&lt;/groupId&gt;<br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;artifactId&gt;speclj-growl&lt;/artifactId&gt;<br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;version&gt;1.0.0-SNAPSHOT&lt;/version&gt;<br />
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