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Edited tags documentation
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commit f3a3bb77827fab891ed4e695a52f3eae18378978 2 parents 053ae87 + 0a54ecc
@dcmoore dcmoore authored
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  1. +13 −2 src/speclj_www/view/docs/tags.hiccup.clj
15 src/speclj_www/view/docs/tags.hiccup.clj
@@ -1,6 +1,17 @@
[:h3 "tags"]
[:div {:id "comp_box"}
- [:p "Add tags to the containing context. All values passed will be converted into keywords. Contexts can be filtered at runtime by their tags."]
+ [:p "Add tags to wrap related tests. Values passed will be converted into keywords."]
- [:code "(tags :one :two)"]]
+ [:code "(describe \"I/O Tests\" <br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;(tags :unit) <br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;;tests contained here <br />
+ &nbsp;&nbsp;)"]
+ [:p "Tags can be filtered at runtime using the -t flag. In the example below, only the tests wrapped in the unit tag will be run."]
+ [:code "lein spec -t unit"]
+ [:p "To specify certain tests to exclude, prepend the tag name with ~."]
+ [:code "lein spec -t ~unit"]]
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