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= Statemachine Changelog
== Version 2.3.0
* Introduce on_state_change for building persistent states from @godfat (
* Update rake tasks according to it's deprecation messages from @godfat (
* Base Exceptions on StandardError from @Asmod4n (
== Version 2.2.0
* applied dotfile improvements from @wsobel (
== Version 2.1.0
* Do not perform transitions if context method returns false | by @zombor (
== Version 2.0.1
* initialize ivars so that runtimes running with -d don't complain about uninitialized ivars (chuckremes)
* updated to use Bundler and Rspec 2 (ericmeyer)
== Version 1.1.0
* DotGraph generator was added to generate graphs of statemachines using Omnigraffle.
* Fixed bug in Java generator where Statenames where not formated correctly.
== Version 1.0.0
* Java generator was added. Statemachines defined in the Ruby DSL can generate Java code.
== Version 0.4.2
Simple Fixes
* Fixed respond_to? to handle the, what should be impossible, case when the state is nil
* Switch history members variable to store id rather than object.
== Version 0.4.1
Simple Fixes
* Fixed priority of default transitions, self defaults first, then superstate defaults.
== Version 0.4.0
Feature enhancements
* enabled nested superstate history
* TransitionMissingException's are raised when the statemachine can't respond to an event
* Statmachine overrides respond_to? to respond to valid events.
Behavior Fixes
* fixed default transition so that superstate transitions have priority over default
== Version 0.3.0
Feature enhancements
* added default transitions
* added default history for superstates
* the context method in the builder will set the context's statemachine variable if the context respond_to?(:statemachine=)
Behavior Fixes
* the entry action of the startstate is called when the statemachine starts or is reset.
* resetting the statemachine will reset the history state for each superstate.
== Version 0.2.2
Minor plugin update
* introduced before_event and after_event hooks for controllers
== Version 0.2.1
Rails Plugin.
* Rails plugin introduced
== Version 0.2.0
Separation of logic from behavior.
* Prefered builder syntax implemented
* statemachine have a context which defines all the behavior
* startstate can be set at any time in the builder
* states can be declared without blocks
* context can be set in builder
== Version 0.1.0
A new way to build the statemachines
* cleaner API for running a statemachine
* much refactoring
* new API for building statemachine
* process_event accepts strings
== Version 0.0.4
Some minor improvements
* Proper handling of state transition implemented, such that the proper state is set for entry and exit actions.
* can now use State objects in addition to symbols while creating a transition
* more compliant implementation of history state
== Version 0.0.3
Bug fix dealing with entry and exit actions. The state machine's state need to be set to the entered/exited state before calling the
exit/entry action.
* added a couple specs in the exit_entry_spec
* modified state.entered/exited methods to set the state
* modifed the StateMachine.state to accept state objects.
* removed running attribute from StateMachine because it wasn't much use
* also removed the nil (end state)
== Version 0.0.2
More conventional file structure
* nothing much to report in terms of changes.
== Version 0.0.1
0.0.0 didn't seem to work as a gem so maybe this one will.
* nothing really, just playing with rake and release configuration
== Version 0.0.0
The first release. Most finite state machine features are implemented
* states
* transitions
* transition actions
* super states
* entry actions
* exit actions
* history state