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Add-Art is a Firefox plugin that replaces ads on websites with rotating curated art images. See also: and Safari coming soon...
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Update 12.5.2017 - The Firefox extension has been merged with the Chrome extension. Go there instead *****


Add-Art is a Firefox (Chrome & Safari) Browser Extension that replaces ads with art.

When it works, it works pretty good. We all want it to be better, and we welcome your help with that.



WIKI: - out of date



You can see what else we've been working on in the issues section.

Do contribute:

  1. Fork the project
  • Create a branch
  • Commit your changes
  • Push to the branch
  • Comment on the issue (or create an issue) with a link to your branch
  • Sit back and wait


To install:

First you'll need to install jpm. Then install the npm packages:

npm install

To work on the popup:

npm run watch

Then open data/popup.html in a browser

To run extension in the browser:

First you need to download the nightly build. Then...

npm run jpm 

How it currently works

Add-Art v2 no longer depends on Ad Block Plus and makes use of the Mozilla Addons SDK. An "essay" (or exhibition) within add-art is simply a JSON file. This repo lays out an essay's JSON schema.

Kadist's Addendum visual essays ship with the extension. The configuration for those essays are kept here.

Users can also create their own essays on the add-art site. They receive a link to the JSON for the essay and can use it to import the show into their extension.


And help from

  • Hana Newman
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