A WordPress theme designed specifically for artist portfolios
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WPFolio is a free and open source theme for WordPress designed by artists
specifically for visual artists.

more info: http://wpfolio.visitsteve.com/

Features include:

   * minimal design that emphasizes your images (at 900px wide!)
   * Features separate design for your portfolio and a news/blog section
   * widget-ready sidebar
   * automatic rss feeds so users can subscribe to updates to your site
   * easy to update and maintain
   * includes Theme Options so you can customize colors and fonts without
modifying code
   * uses the latest web standards
   * allows you to choose thumbnails to represent your project
   * easy for users to navigate
   * free and open source code
   * Sample Child Theme included
   * Custom Background and Menus
   * designed by artists to meet artists needs


WPFolio has 2 layout styles, one for your portfolio and one for news.

The following category titles will automatically use the news layout: 
 * News
 * Latest
 * Updates
 * Blog
 * Notable
ANY other category title (like artwork, portfolio, elephants, burgerburger, 
asdfgh, or hhhhhgggh, for example) will automatically use the Portfolio layout.

What's the diffrence?

Portfolio style
 * designed to display your artwork at 900px wide
 * no sidebar
 * uses the full 900px layout for your large work samples.
 * Title and metadata appear below the post instead of at the top.

News style 
 * designed to display your show announcements, studio blog, and other news
 * has a widget enabled sidebar
 * looks more like a tradtional blog
Note: when embedding videos in the portfolio layout, you can auto embed (using
oembed and your video will span the full 900px. On the news layout, unless you
specify the embed size they will bleed over into the sidebar and get cut off. 
So, when embedding in the News section, specify a smaller embed size.

 Widget Areas 

WPFolio has 4 Widget Areas

SIDEBAR - appears on the default index page and in pages with a "news" layout

FOOTER CENTER - spans the entire width of the footer (above Footer Left and Footer Right)

FOOTER LEFT and FOOTER RIGHT - divide the footer in half

== Custom Widgets ==

WPFolio includes several custom widgets.
	* Add RSS, Credits to Footer
	* License and Name in Footer


We use the term "more" rather than "previous / next" in navigating between posts.

We automatically format the year for displaying the year the artwork was made in portfolio format posts. For art, the date is usually just a year. We use detailed dates on the blog layout.

Want to modify this theme? Do it the smart way:
Got a great addition? Send us code, or fork the project in github and let
us know. http://github.com/slambert/WPFolio


try here: http://github.com/slambert/WPFolio/commits/master

or here: http://wpfolio.visitsteve.com