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SLAMcore ROS Melodic Demos and Tutorials

This repository contains packages to go alongside our dedicated demonstration tutorials which will allow you to get SLAMcore up and running with ROS Melodic in no time. The current example demonstrates how to integrate SLAMcore with the ROS Navigation Stack and was designed for a Kobuki mobile base, with a Jetson Xavier NX and RealSense D435i depth camera. Nevertheless, by following our Navigation Stack Integration Tutorial you will be able to modify the launch and config files in this repo to suit your setup.

Demo Video

About SLAMcore

SLAMcore offers commercial-grade visual-inertial simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) software for real-time autonomous navigation on robots and drones.

Getting started


To run the demo in this repository, you will need:

For more details on the full requirements to run SLAMcore, visit our Requirements Page.


  • First, install ROS Melodic and the SLAMcore ROS Wrapper by following the SLAMcore ROS1 Wrapper Tutorial
  • Next, to learn how to integrate SLAMcore's positioning and mapping ROS wrapper with the ROS Navigation Stack follow the Navigation Stack Integration Tutorial.
  • The tutorial will take you through all the steps from cloning this repository and setting up dependencies to creating a map, navigating and sending goals from a remote machine.