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* Copyright 2014–2017 SlamData Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package slamdata
import org.scalactic.source.Position
import scala.NotImplementedError
import scala.annotation.unchecked.uncheckedVariance
import scala.reflect.runtime.universe.WeakTypeTag
import scala.{Predef => P}
import scala.{collection => C}
import scala.collection.{immutable => I}
import scala.{math => M}
import scala.{runtime => R}
object Predef extends Predef
class Predef
extends LowPriorityImplicits
with slamdata.pkg.PackageAliases
with slamdata.pkg.PackageMethods {
type deprecated = scala.deprecated
type tailrec = scala.annotation.tailrec
type SuppressWarnings = java.lang.SuppressWarnings
type Array[T] = scala.Array[T]
val Array: scala.Array.type = scala.Array
type Boolean = scala.Boolean
type Byte = scala.Byte
type Char = scala.Char
type Double = scala.Double
val Function: scala.Function.type = scala.Function
type Short = scala.Short
val Short: scala.Short.type = scala.Short
type Int = scala.Int
val Int: scala.Int.type = scala.Int
type Long = scala.Long
val Long: scala.Long.type = scala.Long
type PartialFunction[-A, +B] = scala.PartialFunction[A, B]
val PartialFunction: scala.PartialFunction.type = scala.PartialFunction
type String = P.String
val StringContext: scala.StringContext.type = scala.StringContext
type Symbol = scala.Symbol
val Symbol: scala.Symbol.type = scala.Symbol
type Unit = scala.Unit
type Vector[+A] = scala.Vector[A]
val Vector: scala.Vector.type = scala.Vector
type BigDecimal = M.BigDecimal
val BigDecimal: M.BigDecimal.type = M.BigDecimal
type BigInt = M.BigInt
val BigInt: M.BigInt.type = M.BigInt
type IndexedSeq[+A] = C.IndexedSeq[A]
type ListMap[A, +B] = I.ListMap[A, B]
val ListMap: I.ListMap.type = I.ListMap
type Map[A, +B] = I.Map[A, B]
val Map: I.Map.type = I.Map
type Set[A] = I.Set[A]
val Set: I.Set.type = I.Set
type Seq[+A] = I.Seq[A]
type Stream[+A] = I.Stream[A]
val Stream: I.Stream.type = I.Stream
val #:: : I.Stream.#::.type = Stream.#::
// better type hole
private type UnsafeWeakTypeTag[+A] = WeakTypeTag[A @uncheckedVariance]
def ???[A](implicit A: UnsafeWeakTypeTag[A], pos: Position): A =
throw new NotImplementedError(s"unimplemented value of type ${A.tpe} at ${pos.fileName}:${pos.lineNumber}")
implicit def genericArrayOps[T]: Array[T] => C.mutable.ArrayOps[T] = P.genericArrayOps[T] _
@inline implicit def wrapString(x: String): I.WrappedString = P.wrapString(x)
@inline implicit def unwrapString(x: I.WrappedString): String = P.unwrapString(x)
@inline implicit def booleanWrapper(x: Boolean): R.RichBoolean = P.booleanWrapper(x)
@inline implicit def charWrapper(x: Char): R.RichChar = P.charWrapper(x)
@inline implicit def intWrapper(x: Int): R.RichInt = P.intWrapper(x)
@inline implicit def doubleWrapper(x: Double): R.RichDouble = P.doubleWrapper(x)
// would rather not have these, but …
def print(x: scala.Any): Unit = scala.Console.print(x)
def println(x: scala.Any): Unit = scala.Console.println(x)
// Need these often to avoid bad inference
type Product = scala.Product
type Serializable = scala.Serializable
// remove or replace these
type List[+A] = I.List[A] // use scalaz.IList instead
val List: I.List.type = I.List
val Nil: I.Nil.type = I.Nil
val :: : I.::.type = I.::
type Option[A] = scala.Option[A] // use scalaz.Maybe instead
val Option: scala.Option.type = scala.Option
val None: scala.None.type = scala.None
val Some: scala.Some.type = scala.Some
type Nothing = scala.Nothing // make functors invariant
type Throwable = java.lang.Throwable
type RuntimeException = java.lang.RuntimeException
abstract class LowPriorityImplicits {
self: Predef =>
@inline implicit def augmentString(x: String): I.StringOps = P.augmentString(x)
implicit def genericWrapArray[T](x: Array[T]): C.mutable.WrappedArray[T] = P.genericWrapArray[T](x)