A nonogram/hanjie browser game built with jQuery.
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An implementation of the classic nonograms logic puzzle in JavaScript.

Getting Started

To run this project, either open up index.html in your favorite web browser, or click here to play the live version.

How to Play

Nonograms are images that are generated by following hints that associated with a grid. The hints are sequences of numbers, which mean that the row or column that they're next to should contain those groupings in order to be completed. For example, a row may have the numbers "2 1 4" next to it, meaning that that row should have a sequence of two filled-in blocks, followed by a single filled-in block, and finally, a sequence of four. Once all of the cells are filled in properly, an image will form.

You can view the Wikipedia page on Nonograms for further details.


  • Single-mouse click / Space / Enter: Toggle selected box between Filled, Blocked and Clear box
  • Click & Drag: Toggle selected box and set dragged boxes to same value
  • W / I / Up-Arrow: Move selector up one square
  • A / J / Left-Arrow: Move selector left one square
  • S / K / Down-Arrow: Move selector down one square
  • D / L / Right-Arrow: Move selector right one square
  • Z / B: Set selected box to Filled
  • X / N: Set selected box to Blocked
  • C / M: Clear selected box