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Profile for which supports more keybindings
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slap profile

Profile for which supports more keybindings

For mouse support

Added keybindings

S-up = "\033[1;2A"
S-down = "\033[1;2B"
C-S-up = "\033[1;6A"
C-S-down = "\033[1;6B"
C-S-right = "\033[1;6C"
C-S-left = "\033[1;6D"
M-S-up = "\033[1;10A"
M-S-down = "\033[1;10B"
M-S-right = "\033[1;10C"
M-S-left = "\033[1;10D"

The following were added even though they don't work.

S-home = "\033[1;2H"
S-end = "\033[1;2F"
M-backspace = "\033 "

Opinionated defaults

  • Tango Dark color scheme
  • Monaco 12 pt. font
  • Vertical Bar cursor
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