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A script to post the comment as soon as possible when a given public Instagram account makes any post.
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Swiggy Instagram Offer


Swiggy launched an instagram campaign for their product's anniversary where the first person to comment on their post with "#HBDSwiggy" would win Amazon voucher upto Rs.10,000.

Aaand. Well - I wrote a script to achieve that: (My handle: ugupta41).

Best thing about it is that the polling part is done without any login (So you can essentially poll asap without any rate-limit) - So Instagram could never figure out that who is making those requests, Add a proxy layer and you've got yourself a scraping machine.

(P.S. This post doesn't bear any rewards because its not a chair - I have deleted my comments (fastest in a post because obviously machines are faster than humans) which were posted on chairs because it'd be unethical to gain an advantage against the ongoing campaign.

(P.P.S I got to know about the campaign like 30 minutes before it began, so the code quality is absymal but again thats a reason its a quick script)

Here are some of the screenshots of the script:





  1. git clone
  2. cd swiggy-instagram-offer
  3. python -m venv swiggy-instagram-offer-env
  4. source swiggy-instagram-offer-env/bin/activate
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Add in your username and password in
  2. Run python

Potential Re-uses

  1. You can use it to impress your crush by posting the first comment in her new posts.
  2. Yeah.
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