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        Minor OS-oriented changes to id Software's Quake2 3.21: 
                        "Sorry, real life (tm) got in the way,0.16"

Important Note:  If you received an installer which installed the Quake II
demo levels, you may not distribute that installer or the demo levels in
anyway except electronically.  The Quake II demo levels are still Copyright
Id Software and are not covered by the Gnu Public License which governs the
source code.  Id has been kind enough to allow us to distribute these
levels with an installer to show users just how cool Quake II is in the
jopes that it will lead them to buy full versions.  Please do not harm
our relationship with Id by distributing the demo installer electronically.

(NOTE: throughout this document, references to i386 [debugi386, releasei386,] are used.  If your architecture is not i386, just substitute
 that for i386.  The Makefile gives some hints as to what is supported.)

For this to be of any use, you _must_ own a copy of Quake 2.  The demo would
also work, but you might as well buy the full thing now.

These modifications are intended for Linux users, as I do not have have
access to other platforms.

Be sure to install SDL 1.2 ( if you want to use the
softsdl or sdlgl drivers, or the sdlquake2 binary.

'make' will, by default, build both the debug and release files.
To build just the optimized binaries: make build_release
The resulting binaries are then put in releasei386.

Known Bugs

Makefile options:
(quake2 and are always built, but the following options can be
 changed by editing the Makefile)
BUILD_SDLQUAKE2		Build sdlquake2, a quake2 binary that uses SDL for
                        CD audio and sound access (default = YES).
BUILD_SVGA              Build, a quake2 video driver that uses
                        SVGAlib (default = NO).
BUILD_X11               Build, a quake2 video driver that uses
                        X11 (default = YES).
BUILD_GLX               Build, a quake2 video driver that uses
                        X11's GLX (default = YES).
BUILD_FXGL              Build [might be renamed to fxgl later], 
                        a quake2 video driver that uses fxMesa (default =
                        NO).  This option is currently untested because I do 
                        not have a Voodoo 1 or 2.
BUILD_SDL               Build, a quake2 video driver that
                        uses SDL (default = YES).
BUILD_SDLGL             Build, a quake2 video driver that uses
                        OpenGL with SDL (default = YES).
BUILD_CTFDLL            Build the Threewave CTF (default = NO).
BUILD_XATRIX            Build the Xatrix for the "The Reckoning"
                        Mission Pack (default = NO). [see notes below]
BUILD_ROGUE             Build the Rogue for the "Ground Zero"
                        Mission Pack (default = NO). [see notes below]
HAVE_IPV6		Build quake2 with IPv6 support (currently only
                        tested on FreeBSD, see below for info) (default = NO).
BUILD_JOYSTICK		Build quake2 with support for SDL and Linux joysticks,
			[default = YES].
BUILD_ARTS		Build support for the aRts sound system 
			(src/linux/snd_arts.c) [default = NO]
BUILD_ALSA		Build support for the ALSA sound system [default = NO]
BUILD_DEDICATED		Build the quake 2 dedicated server q2ded.
BUILD_QMAX		Build the eye-candy oriented Quame2 Max (see below)
BUILD_AA		Build the aalib text mode renderer.
BUILD_RETEXTURE		Build support for retextured textures, see:

To install the Quake2 demo data:
(installdir is whereever you want to install quake2)
1. download
2. unzip -L q2-314-demo-x86.exe into a temp directory
3. cp baseq2/pak0.pak to <installdir>/baseq2/pak0.pak

Continue with the "To Install This Program" directions bellow

To install the Quake2 gamedata from game CD:
(installdir is wherever you want to install quake2, and cdromdir is wherever
you mount the Quake 2 CD-ROM)
1. copy <cdromdir>/Install/Data/baseq2/pak0.pak to <installdir>/baseq2/
2. copy <cdromdir>/Install/Data/baseq2/video/ to <installdir>/baseq2/
3. download q2-3.20-x86-full.exe from or a mirror site, and extract the 
   contents to a temporary directory (use unzip -L, as this is a standard zip
4. copy <q2-3.20-x86-full.exe temp directory>/baseq2/pak1.pak to
5. copy <q2-3.20-x86-full.exe temp directory>/baseq2/pak2.pak to
6. copy <q2-3.20-x86-full.exe temp directory>/baseq2/players/ to 
7. if you really want to use the crakhor model, you can find the
   skins/sounds on websites like

To install this program:
(builddir is either debugi386 or releasei386)
0. edit Makefile if needed, then 'make'
1. copy <builddir>/ to <installdir>/baseq2/
2. copy <builddir>/ref_*.so to <installdir>
3. copy <builddir>/quake2 to <installdir>
4. copy <builddir>/sdlquake2 to <installdir> (optional)
5. copy <builddir>/ctf/ to <installdir>/ctf/ (optional)

To install the "The Reckoning" Mission Pack (Xatrix):
(cdromdir is wherever you mount The Reckoning CD-ROM)
1. enable BUILD_XATRIX in Makefile
2. download xatrixsrc320.shar.Z from or a mirror site, extract
   it (it's a compressed shell script) and place the contents in 
3. make
4. copy <builddir>/xatrix/ to <installdir>/xatrix/
5. copy <cdromdir>/Data/all/pak0.pak to <installdir>/xatrix/
6. copy <cdromdir>/Data/max/xatrix/video/ to <installdir>/xatrix/ (optional)
7. when starting quake2, use "+set game xatrix" on the command line

To install the "Ground Zero" Mission Pack (Rogue):
(cdromdir is wherever you mount the Ground Zero CD-ROM)
1. enable BUILD_ROGUE in Makefile
2. download roguesrc320.shar.Z from or a mirror site, extract
   it (it's a compressed shell script) and place the contents in
3. make
4. if the compilation fails, change line 31 of src/rogue/g_local.h from:
#define _isnan(a) ((a)==NAN)
#define _isnan(a) isnan(a)
   and try again.
4.5 if the compilation fails on the include, change #include <nan.h> to 
#include <bits/nan.h>
5. copy <builddir>/rogue/ to <installdir>/rogue/
6. copy <cdromdir>/Data/all/pak0.pak to <installdir>/rogue/
7. copy <cdromdir>/Data/max/Rogue/video/ to <installdir>/rogue/ (optional)
8. when starting quake2, use "+set game rogue" on the command line

To Build Quake2 Max.
Quake2 Max is a set of GL improvements to the Quake2 source base by
psychospaz, <> the 0.25 version
has been merged into the Quake2 for Linux source tree.  To build the 
added visual candy:
1. make clean
2. set BUILD_QMAX to YES in the makefile
3. make

You will also need to download
and place it in your quake2/baseq2 directory.

Please note that the resulting Quake2 binaries and video drivers are 
incompatible with binaries and drivers built with BUILD_QMAX set to NO.

For right now, the driver gets built as and  
In the future this will change so that both drivers can be build in parallel.

AALib Video Driver
The AALib video driver is written by it provides text 
rendering for Quake2.  It requires the aalib package to build, which is
available at

Retexturing Support
There has been an effort to retexture Quake2 with 24-bit textures to replace
8-bit ones.  The resulting textures look *good* but take up more space and
makes quake2 run slower.  

If you wish to run retextured quake2 you need to download pak1x (currently 0-6) from

Thanks to Karen Pouelle for the code to support this.

To run:
cd <installdir> && ./quake2
quake2 +set basedir <installdir>

Add +set game <moddir> to load a mod (like the mission packs).

/etc/quake2.conf is no longer used; instead, the ref_*.so files are loaded
from basedir (basedir is "." by default, and can only be set at the command

Configuration files and such are saved in ~/.quake2/, so <installdir> can be
made read-only or whatever.

WARNING: Please do not make quake2 or any of the libraries suid root!  Doing
so is at your own risk.

NOTE: Save games will not work across different versions or builds, because
of the way they are stored.

Binary-Only Mods:
Chances are that they will not work.  I suspect that it has something to do
with the mods being built with older versions of gcc/glibc2.  EraserBot, for
example, has source available except for one file, p_trail.o.  Trying to
use an EraserBot results in a crash somewhere inside p_trail.o.

Dedicated Server:
Dedicated Server support has been added (thanks to Wesley Bear) just modify 
the Makefile so that BUILD_DEDICATED=YES (default NO) that should build a 
q2ded binary in the release directory.

CTF Server:
To run Capture The Flag, you need to do the following:
1) download q2-3.20-x86-full-ctf.exe from
2) unzip that file (using unzip -L) in a temp directory
3) copy ctf to <installdir>/ctf
4) build the ctf shared library (BUILD_CTF=YES in the Makefile)
5) cp releas<arch>/ctf/game<arch>.so to <installdir>/ctf/game<arch>.so
6) quake2 +set game ctf +set dedicated 1
7) on the console enter "map Q2CTF1" that will load up the first ctf
map, then connect using a client with multi-player.  For the other maps use
Q2CTF2, etc.

*Note if you are using the demo version and not the full version, some
textures are missing from the CTF levels*

IPv6 Support:
Currently experimental, so it may or may not work.  Here is some information
about it from Florent Parent:

quake2 +set dedicated 1
        Runs server listening on both IPv4 and IPv6 sockets

quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set multicast <interface>
        IPv6 server joins quake2 multicast group ff12::666

quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set ip <IPv6 address> +set multicast <interface>
        IPv6 server only. Listens on <IPv6 address>
        Examples of <IPv6 address>:
        3ffe:b00:c18::666              (global IPv6 address)
        fe80::202:b3ff:fe04:1234%fxp0  (link-local address. scope required)
        ::                             (unspecified, binds on all IPv6 
quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set ip <IPv4 address>
        IPv4 server only. Listens on <IPv4 address> can be used to bind on all IPv4 addresses

Joystick Support:
***Important note**** 
The joystick code has been modified to be more in line
with the joystick functionality detailed in src/docs/joystick.txt

Joystick should function on all compatible SDL platforms using the sdlquake2
binary as well as on linux using the linux kernel joystick API.  If you want
to build with joystick support (the default) set BUILD_JOYSTICK to YES in
the Makefile.  

Have a look at src/docs/joystick.txt for the details

There is a single linux specific option: 
	* joy_dev : this sets the device name of the joystick to use (/dev/js*)

Windows Support:
In order to compile the source:

If you don't already have it, you'll need to download:

Commonly used commands:
cd_nocd 0               // disable CD audio
s_initsound 0           // disable sound
_windowed_mouse 0       // disable mouse-grabbing
gl_ext_multitexture 0   // disable OpenGL Multitexturing (requires a
vid_ref <driver>        // select a video driver (softx is the original
                           X11-only, softsdl is SDL software, sdlgl is 
                           SDL OpenGL)
vid_fullscreen 0        // disable fullscreen mode
vid_restart             // restart video driver
snd_restart             // restart sound driver
basedir <dir>           // point quake2 to where the data is
gl_driver <>    // point quake2 to your libGL
dedicated 1             // run quake2 as a dedicated server
game <subdir>           // load the quake2 mod in that directory
sensitivity <int>       // Adjust the sensivity (accelleration) of the mouse.
crosshair <int>		// Choose your crosshair [1-3] Normal [1-9] Q2Max
crosshair_scale <int>   // Scale your crosshair (Q2Max only for now...)
skydistance <int>	// Modify the skybox distance (useful for large maps)

When using these commands on the quake2 command line, use +set to cause the
variables be set before the config files are loaded (important for
gl_driver). e.g.
./quake2 +set vid_ref glx +set gl_driver /usr/lib/
Note that variables like basedir and game _require_ using +set to ensure
the desired functionality.

If quake2 crashes when trying to load an OpenGL based driver (glx, sdlgl),
make sure its not loading the wrong libGL.

Have a NVIDIA card and it _still_ crashes? Try 
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/, and run quake2 again.

Is lighting slow in OpenGL (while firing, explosions, etc.)? Disable
multitexturing (gl_ext_multitexture 0; vid_restart).

More information can be found in src/docs/.

Known Bugs and Workarounds:
Q: Quake2 crashes when starting a new game.
A: It's most likely that the was not installed correctly.
   Do not use the version that comes with the 3.20 release!  See the
   installation instructions above.

Q: Quake2 doesn't want to load mods correctly with +game.
A: Use +set game.

Q: ErasorBot doesn't work.
A: Not all the source was released for ErasorBot.  See explanation above.

I'll post any updates I make at 

Mailing List and Contact:
to subscribe: send a blank email to
to post: send email to

SVN access:
svn co svn:// quake2


Fix save games.
Verify that FXGL works.
Fullscreen/DGA support in X11 driver.
Make a list of tested mods.
Make Q2 as Arch/OS independent as possible.

Many Thanks to all these people:
John Allensworth
Stephen Anthony
William Aoki
Michele Balistreri
Wesley Bear
Robert Bäuml
Vincent Cojot
Michel Dänzer
Jay Dolan (ALSA Support)
Ryan C. Gordon
Angelo Grossini
Nicolai Haehnle
Thijmen Klok
Hampton Maxwell
Ludwig Nussel
Peter van Paassen
Florent Parent
Victor Shkamerda
Zachary 'zakk' Slater
Matti Valtonen
Rusty Mellinger
Karen Pouelle
Toni Spets
Nicolas Regnault
Nick Warne

v 0.17 [??/??/??]
Added skybox cvar (Nick Warne)
Fixed ALSA Support (Jay Dolan)

v 0.16 [09/13/04]
Load more pakfiles [Toni Spets]
Load bigger PCX images [Toni Spets]
Railgun easter egg bug fixed [Nick Warne]
Preliminary x86_64 support [Nicolas Regnault]
Red/Blue 3D support <>
Retexturing support (thanks to Karen Pouelle)
Better FreeBSD support (thanks to /danfe)
Added ALSA sound support
Advanced Joystick Support
Some miscelaneous fixes which I've forgotten about

v 0.15 [10/08/02]
Solaris updates from Vincent
TiBook and Vaio video modes
Stencil Shadows in non-quake2-max
Spark o' death bug fixed (thanks to Rusty Mellinger!)
Crosshair scale support for q2-max

v 0.14 [9/5/02]
Massive Solaris updates including packaging code [Vincent Cojot]
Explosions are back after Brendan accidentally removed them in 0.13

v 0.13: [7/10/02]
Added Quake2-Max GL extensions <>
Added aalib video renderer <>

v 0.12: [6/11/02]
Added Joystick support to GLX, start migration to unified X event handling
Modified video driver selection to reflect drivers actually present (Stephen 

v 0.11: [5/10/02]
Added dedicated server support [Wesley Bear]
Fixed a bug in key repeat handling under X11.
Added gamma adjustment on the fly [Victor Shkamerda]
Added aRts sound support [Michele Balistreri]

v 0.10: [4/01/02] (no fooling...)
+ Extensive improvments to Solaris support (thanks to Vincent Cojot!)
+ Joystick support
+ Fixed R_CON_PASSWORD server security hole.

v0.9: [03/10/02]
+ X selection support (softx/glx only).
+ Mouse Wheel support (softx/glx).
+ CD Audio fixes. (W.P. van Paassen)
+ Swapped SDL buttons 2/3 to be correct.
+ Big Gun+save game crash fixed.
+ FreeBSD support (Hampton Maxwell).
+ Mouse buttons 4/5 supported (sdl only). (Angelo Grossini)
+ IPv6 support. (Florent Parent)
+ Documentation updates.

v0.0.8: [01/04/02]
+ Fixed C-only ref_soft building.
+ SDL CD audio looping fix (Robert Bäuml)
+ ~/.quake2/<game> added to the search path for mods. (Ludwig Nussel)
+ Minor change to fix compilation with OpenGL 1.3 headers.
+ Fixed changing video drivers using the menu.
+ Fixed autoexec.cfg on startup.
+ Sparc Linux support (Vincent Cojot)

v0.0.7: [12/28/01]
+ Merged in Quake2 3.21 source.

v0.0.6: [12/27/01]
+ Made Makefile somewhat easier to configure.
+ X11 GLX driver now included.
+ Added "ctrl-g" (toggle mouse grab) and "alt-enter" (toggle fullscreen)
  to SDL drivers.
+ SDL audio and cdrom support. (Robert Bäuml)
+ ~/.quake2/ support (Stephen Anthony, Ludwig Nussel)
+ LinuxPPC support (William Aoki)

v0.0.5: [12/23/01]
+ Better SDL de/initialization (fixes crashes for some people).
+ Removed trailing '\r's from files; removed a few files.

v0.0.4: [12/23/01]
+ Mouse Wheel (SDL buttons 4 and 5).
+ Fixed bug with changing the sound options in game (using the menus).
+ Fixed Makefile to build both build_debug and build_release by default.

v0.0.3: [12/22/01]
+ Fixed the texture wrapping with movies.
+ Enabled the OpenGL extensions under Linux.
+ Added support for GL_ARB_multitexture.

v0.0.2: [12/22/01]
+ Added (SDL OpenGL Renderer).
+ v0.0.1 Bugfixes.

v0.0.1: [12/22/01]
+ Updates to Linux Makefile (it was missing a few files).
+ Added (Software SDL Renderer).
- OpenGL not yet supported.