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version 1

This tool process United States Supreme Court cases for bot upload.

== Input ==

Specify the input file(s) with ?u= in the URL.  The script is designed to process files from <>, but it can also process files from <>. 

For example: <format_case.php?u=>

To specify multiple files, separate each url by a vertical bar.

For example: <format_case.php?u=|>

== Output ==

When processed, a case includes:
*The syllabus
*Talk page for the syllabus
*The opinion of the court
*Talk page for the opinion of the court
*Each concurrence
*Talk page for each concurrence
*Each dissent
*Talk page for each dissent
*Redirect from each citation to the syllabus page

Each page begins with {{-start-}} and end with {{-stop-}}, and the first line of each page is the page name surrounded by three single-quotation marks ('''page name''').

A summery of all the generated pages is included between {{-start_report-}} and {{-stop_report-}} after the last page of each case.

The pages can be added to Wikisource using pywikipediabot's  Use the -notitle option to avoid including the page name in each article. More information on pywikipediabot and is available at <> and <>.

== Necessary templates ==

The following templates are expected:
*{{WikiProject USSC}}
*{{Parallel reporter}}

More information on templates, formatting, and style for United States Supreme Court cases is available at <>.

== Change log ==

04/15/2011 - Added phrases for splitting concurrences and dissents; fixed author full name for all dissents; fixed author last name for second concurrence; updated "roberts" in authorbyname.php to include Owen Roberts