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from base import Input
from wapiti import get_url
import wapiti
from pyquery import PyQuery
import pdb
from stats import dist_stats
def word_count(element):
return len(element.text_content().split())
def paragraph_counts(pq):
wcs = [word_count(x) for x in pq('p')]
return [x for x in wcs if x > 0]
def section_stats(headers):
hs = (h for h in headers if h.text_content() != 'Contents')
# how not to write Python: ['h'+str(i) for i in range(1, 8)]
all_headers = ['h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'h7']
totals = []
for header in hs:
if header.getnext() is not None:
pos = header.getnext()
text = ''
while pos.tag not in all_headers:
text += ' ' + pos.text_content()
if pos.getnext() is not None:
pos = pos.getnext()
totals.append((header.text_content().replace('[edit] ', ''), len(text.split())))
dists = {}
dists['header'] = dist_stats([len(header.split()) for header, t in totals])
dists['text'] = dist_stats([text for h, text in totals])
return dists
def element_words_dist(elem):
return lambda f: dist_stats([len(navbox.text_content().split()) for navbox in f(elem)])
def pq_contains(elem, search):
"""Just a quick factory function to create lambdas to do xpath in a cross-version way"""
def xpath_search(f):
if not f:
return 0
roottree = f.root # for pyquery on lxml 2
except AttributeError:
roottree = f[0].getroottree() # for lxml 3
return len(roottree.xpath(u'//{e}[contains(., "{s}")]'.format(e=elem, s=search)))
return xpath_search
class DOM(Input):
def api_fetch(self):
Deprecated fetch() that gets parsed content from the API.
The API doesn't cache parsed wikitext, and can be up to 10x slower
depending on page complexity.
page = wapiti.get_articles(self.page_id)[0]
pq = PyQuery(page.rev_text)
return pq
def fetch(self):
# avg process time: 0.14827052116394043 seconds
ret = get_url('' + self.page_title.replace(' ', '_'))
return ret
def process(self, f_res):
ret = PyQuery(f_res.text).find('div#content')
return super(DOM, self).process(ret)
# TODO: check pyquery errors
stats = {
'words': lambda f: len(f('p').text().split()),
'p_dist': lambda f: dist_stats(paragraph_counts(f)),
'references': lambda f: len(f('.reference')),
'sources': lambda f: len(f('li[id^="cite_note"]')),
'reference_sections': lambda f: len(f('#References')),
'external_links_sections': lambda f: len(f('#External_links')),
'intro_ps': lambda f: len(f('#toc').prevAll('p')),
'new_internal_links': lambda f: len(f('.new')),
'infoboxes': lambda f: len(f('.infobox')),
'navbox_words_dist': element_words_dist('.navbox'),
'footnotes_in_section': lambda f: len(f('#Footnotes').parent().nextAll('div').children('ul').children('li')),
'external_links_in_section': lambda f: len(f('#External_links').parent().nextAll('ul').children()),
'see_also_links_in_section': lambda f: len(f('#See_also').parent().nextAll('ul').children()),
'external_links_totals': lambda f: len(f('.external')),
'links': lambda f: len([text.text_content() for text in f('p a:not([class])[href^="/wiki/"]')]),
'dom_internal_links': lambda f: len(f('p a:not([class])[href^="/wiki/"]')),
'ref_needed_spans': pq_contains('span', 'citation'),
'pov_statement_spans': pq_contains('span', 'neutrality'),
'categories': lambda f: len(f("#mw-normal-catlinks ul li")),
'hidden_cats': lambda f: len(f('#mw-hidden-catlinks ul li')),
'images': lambda f: len(f('img')),
'caption_words_dist': element_words_dist('.thumbcaption'),
'ogg': lambda f: len(f("a[href$='ogg']")),
'mid': lambda f: len(f("a[href$='mid']")),
'geo': lambda f: len(f('.geo-dms')),
'blockquote': lambda f: len(f('blockquote')),
'related_section_links': lambda f: len(f('.rellink')),
'metadata_links': lambda f: len(f('.metadata.plainlinks')), # Commons related media
'spoken_wp': lambda f: len(f('#section_SpokenWikipedia')),
'wikitable_dist': element_words_dist('table.wikitable'),
'templ_delete': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-delete')),
'templ_autobiography': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-autobiography')),
'templ_advert': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Advert')),
'templ_citation_style': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-citation_style')),
'templ_cleanup': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Cleanup')),
'templ_COI': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-COI')),
'templ_confusing': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-confusing')),
'templ_context': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Context')),
'templ_copy_edit': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Copy_edit')),
'templ_dead_end': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-dead_end')),
'templ_disputed': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-disputed')),
'templ_essay_like': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-essay-like')),
'templ_expert': pq_contains('td', 'needs attention from an expert'),
'templ_fansight': pq_contains('td', 's point of view'),
'templ_globalize': pq_contains('td', 'do not represent a worldwide view'),
'templ_hoax': pq_contains('td', 'hoax'),
'templ_in_universe': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-in-universe')),
'templ_intro_rewrite': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-lead_rewrite')),
'templ_merge': pq_contains('td', 'suggested that this article or section be merged'),
'templ_no_footnotes': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-No_footnotes')),
'templ_howto': pq_contains('td', 'contains instructions, advice, or how-to content'),
'templ_non_free': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-non-free')),
'templ_notability': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Notability')),
'templ_not_english': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-not_English')),
'templ_NPOV': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-POV')),
'templ_original_research': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Original_research')),
'templ_orphan': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Orphan')),
'templ_plot': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Plot')),
'templ_primary_sources': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Primary_sources')),
'templ_prose': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Prose')),
'templ_refimprove': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Refimprove')),
'templ_sections': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-sections')),
'templ_tone': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Tone')),
'templ_tooshort': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-lead_too_short')),
'templ_style': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-style')),
'templ_uncategorized': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-uncategorized')),
'templ_update': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Update')),
'templ_wikify': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-Wikify')),
'templ_multiple_issues': lambda f: len(f('.ambox-multiple_issues li')),
'h2_dist': lambda f: section_stats(f('h2')),
'h3_dist': lambda f: section_stats(f('h3')),
'h4_dist': lambda f: section_stats(f('h4')),
'h5_dist': lambda f: section_stats(f('h5')),
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