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yo reveal
grunt build

http://localhost:9000 hangs.

All assets return normally (eg: http://localhost:9000/bower_components/reveal.js/css/theme/default.css) but no .html pages respond.

slara commented Jun 12, 2013

I can't reproduce. Are you using the last NPM version?

npm cache clean
npm install -g generator-reveal

Remake project, still hangs. I guess the problem may be on my side. Thanks for checking it out. I'll close until I have more information.

@Sinetheta Sinetheta closed this Jun 12, 2013

i got a similar problem but with the livereload.

grunt server opens the tab, but then the shell says "waiting..." nothing responses.

I am running the latest version (0.0.5). On OSX 10.8
Or did I something wrong?

grunt build just works fine.

@slara slara reopened this Jun 17, 2013
slara commented Jun 17, 2013

I did reproduce this on a machine where bower didn't have permissions to install components. bower_components folder is not created and grunt server hangs on start. I'll reopen this and keep investigating.


In my case bower creates the folder and installs reveal, jquery and handlebars.

Just as I said, the build-process works fine, just the livereload seems not working.

Thanks for investigating :)

slara commented Jun 17, 2013

may be related with this:



Until they sort out the problem with live-reload, anyone having this problem can just comment out line 42 of the Grunfile.js.

middleware: function (connect) {
  return [
    mountFolder(connect, '.')

thanks, this works for me :)

slara commented Jun 18, 2013

Wow, Thanks @Sinetheta, I added your instructions to


at least this worked, thanks @Sinetheta

@slara slara added a commit that closed this issue Oct 7, 2013
@slara Removes livereload hang note. Close #5
As we are using grunt-contrib-watch livereload, issue #5 can't be reproduced. Thanks to @janraasch
@slara slara closed this in ca5b190 Oct 7, 2013
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