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begin ;
drop schema if exists partition cascade ;
create schema partition ;
create table partition.pattern (
id char(1) not null,
part_type text not null,
to_char_pattern text not null,
next_part interval not null,
primary key ( id )
) ;
create table partition.table (
schemaname text not null,
tablename text not null,
keycolumn text not null,
pattern char(1) not null references partition.pattern ( id ) ,
actif bool not null default 't'::bool,
cleanable bool not null default 'f'::bool,
retention_period interval,
primary key ( schemaname, tablename )
create table partition.trigger (
schemaname text not null,
tablename text not null,
triggername text not null,
triggerdef text not null,
foreign key ( schemaname, tablename ) references partition.table ( schemaname, tablename )
) ;
insert into partition.pattern values
('Y','year','YYYY', '1 month'),
('M','month','YYYYMM', '1 week'),
('W','week','IYYYIW', '3 day'),
('D','day', 'YYYYMMDD', '1 day')
\i part_api.sql
\i part_triggers.sql
commit ;
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